With the situation our beloved Villa is in right now, sitting nineteenth in the table and without a Premier League win in 2015, it is fair to say that there is nothing but doom and gloom surrounding the club and its fans.

However, I’m calling for Villa fans to stick together through all of this and urge the boys on: we are Villa fans and we support the team through the good times and the bad. We have eleven massive games left, six of which are home ones. At the end of these games, Aston Villa Football Club’s future will be decided. We will either fall through the trapdoor into the Championship or scrape through and survive in the Premier League, the latter of which may give us that all important takeover.

The rest of this season could change the way people look at Aston Villa for ever. That’s why I’m urging fans to get down to Villa Park to support the boys in claret and blue. All you fans who stayed away when Lambert was in charge, come back to support the lads. The last thing we need at the minute is a half empty Villa Park to lower the confidence of the already drained players.

Tim Sherwood said himself that he wants to turn Villa Park into a “fortress” again. However, this is going to take time. His main objective is Premier League survival at this moment in time and that momentous challenge is enough on its own without a subdued atmosphere.

Take the Hull City game at Villa Park last season, for example. Fans were urged to take banners, scarves and flags to the game to cheer the boys on. We won 3-1 that day and the atmosphere was electric. Also, the West Bromwich Albion FA Cup quarter final has the potential to be very similar, with social media sites exploding with ideas about what to take to the game. I am all for improving the atmosphere, as I believe it gets the fans pumped, which obviously transfers to the players down on the pitch.

The key idea is to try to get as many of you as possible down to Villa Park between now and the end of the season. You could argue that the Villans don’t deserve such faithful fans who sit through the same dire performances every week and I would agree but there is a lot at stake and it is hard not to go when you love the club so much.

To make Villa Park a “fortress” again, we need you!


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