I could, and actually did, continue my alphabetical list of words to sum up how Villa fans currently feel and how to describe Paul Lambert but left you with eleven of them – one for each Premier League goal scored. I am sure you get the idea.

To say that I am fuming with the management team at my football club is an understatement. The club is being torn apart by two men – manager Paul Lambert and owner Randy Lerner. Enough is enough. It is time for fans to act. Doug Ellis would never have stood for this. William McGregor would be turning in his grave if he knew what Lambert and Lerner were doing to the club. They are football’s version of home wreckers. They are dragging the club back to the dark ages.

No other club would tolerate this situation. Forget the costs. Lerner must remove Lambert before it is too late. What can Tom Fox do? Not much. He may well have a good, solid plan. Randy Lerner is still the puppeteer though.

Every performance has been atrocious for many months. Even the minority of fans who maintain that there is no-one better than Lambert cannot be happy with what they witness each week. The tactics deployed by Lambert have differed in obvious attempts to change his team’s fortunes but everything is still ever so boring! If the gung-ho approach was not bad enough, passing it backwards and sidewards is proving just as dull. The tactics and form have even caused contentious scenes in the stands. Against Leicester, fans were so angry that some were scrapping between themselves, which is surely a clear sign of a club divided.

I once heard a Wolves fan state, “I would prefer to be in the Championship winning often with solid attendances than be in the Premier League and watch us lose with poor attendances.” For the first time in my life, I agree with this Wolves fan, only because I am fed up of watching such drivel.

Disgruntled would not be the right word to describe how I feel about Randy Lerner. I am livid. He took over from a legend at Aston Villa. He has truly let that legend down. After unsustainable expenditure early on, he suddenly cut the cloth. Any ‘good’ businessman would know that this would not work. He has gone from being a much-loved owner to a hated man. Why has Lerner not sacked Lambert yet? He is being duped and is too focussed on keeping his money in his back pocket to realise!

I am currently embarrassed to say that I support Aston Villa. Tom Fox can wave goodbye to serious commercial revenue. Aston Villa has become a laughing stock, the butt of every football joke.

The actual football is the worst I have ever seen. When I played Sunday league football, I could string more influential passes together than Sanchez, Westwood and Cleverley have done in recent times. When I have watched League One football at the Bescot Stadium I have witnessed more of an atmosphere – and the Saddlers’ fans do not even fill the stadium.

The interviews Lambert gives are ridiculous. “The lads were brilliant today.” Paul, the ‘lads’ were not brilliant: they drew 0-0 with Sunderland – at home. The fans are fuming. How can any manager be so wide of the mark? He apparently only realised on Saturday that the team needs a creative spark. Gold star for that one…

Villa fans have to pay a lot of money to watch the lions play, even when they are more like cumbersome cubs than barbaric beasts. Fans have been misled with suggestions that the club is moving forward. Many statements by Faulkner, before the ‘American Dream’ drawn up by Tom Fox, made many feel like fools for believing that something good was going to happen. It wasn’t. It didn’t. It really isn’t.

Paul Lambert is the most inept manager I have ever encountered in my life. He is bringing the club to its knees and into disrepute. How any manager could stay around after the past few months baffles me. He is depressing fans.

When will the turmoil end? A good starting point will be when Paul Lambert belatedly packs his bags. Taxi!

I am fed up with the club, not just with Paul Lambert. Randy Lerner needs to remove Paul Lambert from the managerial hot-seat then walk away himself. We want our club back. We want our respect back.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. Worst performances i have seen in all my forty years of supporting the villa and that’s including the relegation year 1987. Manager needs to go NOW .

  2. I’m embarressed by the ranting of some Villa fans who can’t see that nothing could be done to correct problems with the squad once the season started and who it would seem want to dismiss any new signings before they even don a Villa shirt in anger!

    We have a new CEO along with a ???? change of direction by Lerner. But he has has yet to supervise a full transfer window and yes the window has opened and as yet we have not completed the signing of any new players. Or have we? Rumour has it we are waiting for the 1st signing to complete his medical and may be in the team for our next match!

    • The problem at the moment isn’t with the squad it’s with the manager. Our squad is better than Leicesters and the completely turned us over. 2 years ago the problem was the we didn’t have a squad, now we have some decent players and a couple of very good ones but they’re playing even worse than back then

    • C.Gale. Lambert has been in charge for over two and a half seasons, and you moan on about waiting for some miracle signings at this stage of his management, you are the embarrassment for being unable the see beyond the verbal rubbish from Lambert, and the lack of any sort of ambition from the owner. You really should go to Specsavers or perhaps a psychiatrist.

  3. I totally agree , I have been a season ticket holder for 35 years, I only go now because its a day out with my sons , but even they are talking about not bothering next season, they have been season ticket holders for the last 12 years , our great club is dying in front of us. Its all down to greedy Americans, who know nothing about football.

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more. We need players to scoe goals, so I know let’s let Bent go. Okay he isn’t the hardest worker on the pitch but he knows where the back of the net is. Cleverley is a complete waste of time, Albrighton was twice the player he was on Saturday…… Manager definitely needs to go. I hate going to work on Mondays to have everybody telling me the obvious, Villa were rubbish again!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Stop all your moaning. I have suppprted Villa since1954. Watched them get relegated to the 3rd division. We are where we are, not Paul Lambert’s fault. He can only work the tools he has and in my opinion is doing his best. Get off his back and support our team. We all wish to be in top 4.But that won’t happen soon. Villa supporters are very fickle and changing the manager won’t hélp. He needs and deserves our support. How many of you called his name at Norwich?. \We are what we are, not Chelsea, Man city, Arsenal or the scum. Lets all unite and ĉheer and support our team including the currant manager.


    • Ooooops Dave you miss the point, Lambert is responsible for all of the players, the tactics, the training, the preparation, the confidence, the style of play, the coaches, the players he wants to purchase. In a nutshell he is to blame. He has done the best he can, he has had the support of the fans,and we have been patient, he has brought most of the team that plays week in week out, even you who has been one our most loyal supporters must see it that in today’s climate results matter. Managers have been sacked for less, ask Atkinson, Gregory, McLeish ,O’Leary. You get the picture ………. It’s not personal but when your own fans are fighting against each other in the stands it’s time to draw a line under the cause and cut it out. Lambert’s a decent enough man but how’s he really going to feel when it’s starts to get personal? Hatred is already brewing amongst most of the supporters and to be fair he doesn’t deserve that kind of hatred, no one does, but he only has himself to blame.

  6. I’ve been offered a season ticket by a family member 4 times for free this year and only bothered once that’s how poor we are ! So who’s going too pay to go ? Fair play to them they’ve got more patience than me ! We’re just boring !

  7. I wonder if a lot of these fans calling for Paul Lambert to go are the same people who protested against Steve Mclaren even getting an interview. Be careful what you wish for!!

  8. It gives me no pleasure to ridicule either Lerner or Lambert, but Lerner took our expectations to a level and then ripped them apart as he dismantled the team. Lambert completely confuses me as in his first season, after the cup exit to Bradford, he let the players off the leash and we delivered some really good football. What happens next……. He buys a load of of also rans, pulls the team apart and starts again. I am left feeling that Lerner has bribed Lambert to stay with a four year deal, because he is scared that he will leave. Lambert is out of his depth and resorts to type…… Negative football, alienation of anyone who questions him, which is veiled bullying to me. Don’t know what the answer is anymore, completely fed up of the club being all about individuals, blame and disappointment.

  9. Everyone has the right to complain and boy there is a lot to complain about.

    I think Saturday was one of those games that nothing goes right , Lambert has been trying to change things and the improvements made although not spectacular have been positive. The defence has been great, and the midfield has defended well, and the way we have kept the ball is very positive and can be very important to build positions to attack from but going forward, no one has done themselves any favours, the players movement, crossing, finishing and decision making has been pretty awful.

    But the tactics just seem to be stopping the team dead in the water, so he needs to play a system that continues most of the improvements but allow Gabby, Benteke and Winegum to play to their best and sadly they need space, not slow ponderous build up with crosses by full backs that can’t cross but fast pacey counter attacking football. The slow ponderous is effective if you have full backs who can cross superbly, getting to the byline, cutting in and driving crosses into the box, or quick crosses on the overlap trying to hit height in the box with support from other players moving in the box, it also allows the midfield to pick up the second phase of the ball and draw free kicks and corners from deflected shots, all teams can find it hard to score against deep lying packed defences where there is no space, so instead of cutting through you develop ways of creating chances from those free kicks ,corners ,shots outside the box, and penalties.

    Trouble is Lambert is now lost and has no ideas, if against ‘pool we go back to 433 and play on the counter and defend deepish we have a chance, and Sanchez must be the defensive player in front of the defence but the confidence has been battered and we are missing Clarke

    To me I have no confidence in Lambert and he may keep us up but unless things change we will go down.

  10. The fact is he has had money spent and he had good players at his disposal.

    He is just been bad with a lot of his purchases, bad at man management, bad at team selections and I don’t understand a word that he says.

    He should have gone after the 1st year.

  11. So Dave… If your saying he’s working with what he’s got… The countless crap signings he has made:
    Luna, Helenius, Bennett, tonev, sylla, Lowton – to an extent, El Ahmadi, Kozak, Bowery, Cleverley and let’s face it Westwood does nothing but pass it back or sideways. So all in all some of those players came in for £3/4/5million. It all mounts up…. How you can support such an inept manager is beyond me. 3 wins in about 17, I think?

    • The villa fans are totally ignored by this club.You would have to live on mars to not see the unrest among us.But all I see is mumbling excuses from a failing/failed manager.silence from the CEO[fox]and worst of all total disregard from the owner.If there was regular updates from lerner on progress[lol],position of the club on a possible sale etc im sure the fans would cut some slack.but no.nothing.its just a bury your head in the sand and things will improve attitude.

  12. Dark dark days at Villa Park. It is utterly soul destroying to see my beloved club in such a torrid depressing situation but it’s that bad it doesn’t even effect me anymore. Randy Lerner’s rude complete disregard for our club has made me feel despondent. We/I have a season ticket and don’t even bother coming down anymore, why? Because I wish to be entertained, why should I sacrifice valuable social time to watch awful football in the cold and probably lose just to put me in an even worse mood.
    It is truly criminal how Randy Lerner has turned his back on us and goes public about selling with not one interested party? It is horrific how we are being treated as fans, witnessing someone steal from our club, I mean literally take money out and then give the manager pennies the try and scrape average players out of barrels. And we are still expected to spend £40+ for a decent seat?

    Randy, you can F**K RIGHT OFF!

    Unfortunately as fickle as it sounds I am turning my back on the club until we get rid of these idiots. Won’t be visiting VP again until they re-invest and stop making a mockery of us, taking our money, selling our land, taking our TV money and putting it all in his back pocket sparing £10 or so million. This should be a criminal offence, Randy and his thieving family need to clear off! Give us our club back!!


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