A Long Road Ahead


How would you describe Paul Lambert’s job security at Villa? What is the view in the boardroom? Is his position insecure, secure or safe? It certainly seems that his position is safe, with his job not truly under threat. If the fans were in the boardroom, would the overriding view differ? I imagine it would. With no changes being rung any time soon, there is certainly going to be a long road ahead.

Villa fans are becoming tired of hearing the same excuses, often about the same poor performances. The trouble brewing at Villa Park has certainly come to the boil or even boiled over. The fierce, poisonous atmosphere at times makes Villa Park an unpleasant place for Paul Lambert and his not-so-merry men. With a thriving Southampton team full of players pushing themselves in order to win as the opposition, it is difficult to see how the Villans will cope with the confident Saints tonight.

“One player does not make a team, although many Villa fans believe that.”

It is proving to be a sad fall from grace for Aston Villa Football Club and Paul Lambert himself. The Scot brought new confidence to Villa Park when he first arrived but, as yet, has failed to deliver. Aston Villa Football Club itself is in a truly sorry state. Four years ago, the club was rocketing. Cup finals and potential big name signings were making fans’ mouths water.

Fast forward to today, Monday 24th November 2014, and the issues at Villa Park are evident to all, with the Villans one point above the drop zone, having the third worst goal difference in the Premier League and looking very much like relegation candidates once again.

To start off with, the troubles could be blamed on Randy Lerner. He rushed the cut-backs to a new extreme and doing so has had a serious effect on the playing staff. That was three years ago. Now, Paul Lambert is set to take charge of his one hundredth game for Villa. Nobody knows how he has managed to survive, having one of the worst set of statistics for an Aston Villa manager and right up there with Alex McLeish on the most-hated list. Fans urged Lerner to bring in Lambert based on his style of play at Norwich and because of the players whose skills he developed. At Villa, he has not shown much style and has not delivered on player development. Creating vendettas has been a major part of his reign. We’ve seen too many vendettas and too many embarrassments. No fan can support Paul Lambert any longer. He has had tonnes of chances to turn things around. Many believed that this was his season. It has been far from that. Excuses have riddled press conferences. The words, ” I thought the lads were excellent” are words that Villa fans are tired of because if they are true then that occasion is an exception. Of course, if the Villans lose tonight it will be the fault of the Swiss Football Association. One player does not make a team, although many Villa fans believe that.

There is a long road for Villa fans to travel before our fortunes improve but nobody should be jumping ship or even leaving the ground early. We have to support the squad when our support is needed the most, no matter how tiring doing so may feel. Football is an entertainment industry. You would not listen to your favourite musician if his new song was poor, so why should you go out and spend £40 on a ticket or even £400 on a season ticket? The Villans need the fans right now. Support the side for ninety minutes then slate Paul Lambert. He may be inept and clueless but it does not appear that change is imminent so the fans need to rally.


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