I am sure that most of those reading will have seen the video that the club released this week to commemorate our one hundred and fortieth anniversary but it’s certainly worth a look if you haven’t.

I believe it’s one of the best things the club has released in recent times and it even managed to stem the slew of negativity towards everything Villa officials do, at least momentarily.

The celebrations are set to continue at the Southampton game tomorrow night with the unveiling of a gas lamp outside the Holte End. I’m sure most of us would be happy with three points to mark this occasion, as there’s nothing sweeter than victory. As David Bradley correctly points out in the video, there have been some lows over the last few years but Aston Villa is a club at the heart of English football. It would be lovely if the board actually embraced this spirit and tried to turn things around.

I’m all up for a bit of positive of PR from the club; it’s about time, to be honest. As I work in PR, I am happy to boast about the good job my club has done for a change. Yet it still feels like they’re missing the mark and failing to understand what the fans truly want: reassurances as to what is actually going on behind the scenes. Is Lambert safe from the sack? Is the club still up for sale? After those bold claims in a pre-season interview, how exactly is Tom Fox going to get us back to the Europa League? In the face of constant questions, we’re met with a wall of silence.

The silence on the big issues speak volumes, suggesting the club’s officials simply don’t have any answers. Lerner’s hope is presumably that someone sweeps in and buys Aston Villa Football Club before he is forced to address any of these problems. Lambert wouldn’t have survived at any other Premier League club for half the amount of time that he has done at Villa and, regardless of the result tomorrow night, he needs to go. What we as fans have to do now is leave aside our feelings about the manager and the owner and stand by the club, Aston Villa, just as fans have done for the past one hundred and forty years.

I know it’ll be a cold Monday night in November and that Christmas is just around the corner but, if you can spare the money, get yourself down to Villa Park tomorrow night and back the lads. The club needs its lifeblood more than ever now. We have to be able to voice our opinions and there’s no better way of doing this than singing them loudly and proudly from all four stands of Villa Park.


  1. Whatever the result tomorrow Villa will always have my support. I am proud to belong to the Aston Villa family. I always feel welcome when I go to Villa Park. Football unites people, it can divide as well, but I have been to games where we have scored and I have turned around and hugged a complete stranger and thought nothing of it because the fact is we both love our team.

  2. A follower now rather than a fan, I seved my time at the Holte End in the ’60’s. I keep saying “I wish I didn’t care” but that video reminds me why I do.


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