This week, David Moyes was confirmed as the new manager of Spanish side Real Sociedad.

As a result, my mind has been made up about the future of our manager. It seems Lambert has been under a huge amount of pressure throughout his time at Villa. There are those calling for his head and, to an extent, I agree. My worry lies with who I think we could get in to replace him. As far as I was concerned, the only viable candidate was David Moyes. Having done well at Everton, Villa is a club with aspirations that would match those of a man keen to regain his reputation after a horrible time at Manchester United.

Now Moyes is off the market, I believe the alternative managerial options are actually no better than Lambert. Although they have been three uncomfortable years so far, we have not gone down and Lambert is establishing himself among the group of unfashionable Premier League managers a club might want to get in to retain its Premier League status and nothing more. I’m talking about the likes of Pulis, Allardyce (although he is currently flying high) and Hughes. This is clearly not the kind of manager we want in charge but, given the available managers, I think it’s likely we would be bringing someone else who would do a similar job.

Pulis is the only available manager of those three and, personally, I would not like to see him at Villa. He is very good at what he does but I truly believe we will be able to survive without him. I know this is not good enough and that we need someone in charge to take us forward. I don’t think Pulis is this man, as he is too similar to Lambert; Moyes perhaps could have been that man.

A year ago, appointing someone like Pochettino would have been seen as a progressive move but, as exhibited by his struggles at Spurs (although his team can still manage to beat us), you never know for sure what you will get with managerial appointments. Last season, Pepe Mel was another gamble from Europe, which Baggies fans will admit didn’t really pay off.

Everton got it right with Martinez. Before we got McLeish in we spoke to Martinez and he decided not to join us. It seems, for himself, he made the right decision but you can’t help but imagine where we would be if he had taken charge back then.

I digress. The point is that I think the only progressive managerial change (and I’m talking about within Britain) we could have made was Moyes and the chance has gone. Now I think we must be pragmatic and persist with Lambert.

The season started so well and there is a chance that form could return but if not it may mean we’ll have to settle for another year of finishing between thirteenth and seventeenth.

I hope that is not the case but I don’t see the point of getting someone like Pulis in because that band is exactly where we would finish with him. Let’s hope the form improves but, even if it does not, I don’t think we should risk a conservative managerial appointment just yet.


  1. You talk as if 13th-17th will happen almost by default yet we have 30 pts from last 35 games and 5 goals from 11 games! A recipe for relegation. Things are getting worse under Lambert, not better.
    There are also alternatives to Pulis who I agree is another behind the ball manager but far superior to Lambert. Southgate (Ex Villa captain, intelligent, ambitious and much improved from his time at Boro)
    Tuchel (Top, young, German coach)
    Mclaren (Showing at Derby what an excellent coach he is and produces the right brand of football)
    Howe (Has produced miracles at Bournemouth and although less successful at Burnley, did a lot of good work Dyche has built on)
    Keane- He’s said he wants another go at being no 1.
    So there are plenty of alternatives and it’s hard to see any of them doing worse than 30 pts from 35 games. Lambert is drowning and he’ll take Villa with us if we are not very careful.

  2. I could agree with much of that , except that I suspect that even with Moyes we would struggle with our current squad . Afterall how long did he take to get Everton to be regularly in the top ten and fighting for a European place ?

  3. I would say Maclaren, he’s been doing a great job at Derby since he took over last season, but why would he come to Villa? Derby are building something, with a long term strategy coupled with long term investment.
    I think Gareth Southgate would be a great shout. I know he left under dodgy circumstances but he has a lot of experience now, is doing great with the England under 21’s and would surely jump at the chance to get back into club management, especially when he only has to follow the clueless idiot PL.
    Southgate knows the club too.

  4. The article misses a key point.
    In past two season’s Villa only survive cos three teams below were very poor.

    On merit, we did not deserve to stay up.
    Seems under Lambert that defeats lead to freefall, with no end in sight.

    My worry is manager manager unable to stop rot and put together 2-3 wins required to pull.

    In summary, I really fear for Villa. Nothing to suggest otherwise.

  5. I agree that McLaren could be good but like TIM said why would he come. Southgate is a possibility although his previous top flight experience wasn’t a total success, its a very difficult time and a hard job for whoever eventually takes over if Lambert continues to struggle. It’ll probably be a difficult choice between risking an unexperienced manager or a conservative unglamorous experienced manager.


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