Our Future: Callum Robinson

Young, keen and energetic, Callum Robinson is expected to cement a starting place in the Villa first team this season, having recently signed a new contract with the club.

What can he offer us? The stage is set for a bright new light in the side who will bring us great optimism. Robinson is a player who could sell season tickets in seasons to come, if he is nurtured.

We have had many failures from our youth system, especially in the striker department – the Moore brothers and Delfouneso to name but a few. Then there is Agbonlahor. Is he a failure? He promised so much yet delivered relatively little. Looking through the statistics, each Villa academy graduate has much promise and a seemingly bright future. Nobody has truly delivered. I believe Robinson could be different.

Why is Robinson different? Firstly, Paul Lambert has not sent Robinson out on loan. Players of Robinson’s age usually go on loan unless they are destined for instant success. Lambert rocketed Robinson into the match day squad with no experience. Villa need an out-and-out striker, someone to feed off Benteke, when the Belgian is fit. Aston Villa have this player in Robinson. He has bags of pace and bags of potential. Paul Lambert will need to unleash this potential if he wants to have a chance of keeping his side up next season.

Robinson has scored plenty of goals in the development squad, helped the Villans to win the NextGen Series and scored on his England Under 21 debut. That is not bad work considering he’s nineteen.

Lambert needs to use Robinson in the right way. Rodgers did not allow Raheem Sterling to burn out last season; he was used sparsely. Robinson has Sterling’s sort of potential. Any player under the age of twenty-five can develop and break bad habits. It is proven. I want Callum Robinson to put Gabby Agbonlahor to shame, pushing for a Euro 2016 place. He can be that good.

Callum Robinson should be in the gym right now, maturing, turning into a stronger player, mentally and physically, to cope with the demands of the Premier League. He should be staying back every day after training throughout the season, getting better. He should be watching the greats at work – Pele, Maradona and Hurst. Villa should get Ian Taylor on the training pitch with him and give Robinson something to strive for while he builds up his confidence. Let him be a world beater at nineteen!

Villa should develop the man to bleed claret and blue blood so that he never leaves. Make this man a great. Make him our hero. Help him earn himself a place in Villa folklore. Ensure that Robinson is not another case of ‘what might have been’.

Do you think Robinson is a hot shot or will he crumble under pressure?



  1. Hope this doesn’t come across as patronising (because it’s really not), for a guy so young this is a very well written and interesting article. I agree with all of it and know too well about the expectation/disappointment we’ve seen in recent years. I had extremely high hopes for both Stefan and Luke Moore which never materialised (both excellent in FA youth cup which included a young Wayne Rooney) and again with Gabby (yes everyone! Gabby is a true Villan, but can’t back up his pace with a decent finish!) and more recently with the Fonz who we all hoped would take his record breaking youth tally into 1st team action. I can only hope that young Callum Robinson is like you say, a true shining light for us in this very dark era, lord knows we need it! Anyway, enjoyed the article and nearly choked when I read you are only 17, keep up this standard and you’ll have a bright future yourself! VTID.

  2. You bring up a good point in our failure to fully develop our youth and I hadn’t realised how much with strikers in particular. Though I hope Gabby doesn’t read this, he has not as yet taken the next step but he still has time, and was let down badly by some managers. McLeish getting him to bulk up put him back at least a year. I would still like to see both him and Weimann given a chance in a 3-5-2 with CB20. Neither of them are wide players and 4-3-3 doesn’t really fit their style but they both will put a shift in for the side.

    Another good point about Ian Taylor. Genius, gotta be better than Keane in my opinion. I do hope Callum becomes a Villa star. We also have problems holding on to our bright young things, unfortunately.

  3. What can I say that’s not already been said except that perhaps Callum is about to break into the 1st team @ the right time as we have a squad that is crying out for talent such as his , and a manager who even though he has sparingly used the youth players, I understand watches most of the youth matches.

  4. Dear Matt,

    I like your writing, you show great promise but unfortunately at this current time unless the Villa are bought by a billionaire worth at least 8 billion pounds (not dollars) the club will continue to be a middle table or worse team. Lerner had good intentions but not the serious amounts of money (and even less so after the financial crash) needed to attract and keep top talent.

    I do think it’s a shame that many English footballers (not just Villa players like Agbonlahor) don’t fulfil their true potential. Partly the players’ egos get over inflated by the media, which in many cases prevents their further technical development. All clubs need to do more to keep their young prospects grounded in common sense and a better work ethic. Early praise (both by the journos and the clubs) needs to be tempered with reminding the youngsters of the weaker sides of their game that still need work.

  5. I’m yet to see anything on the pitch to convince me Robinson is anything special and capable in the prem. His youth team record isn’t noteworthy. He plays at England youth level which gives some hope but that is all. I expect very little.

  6. I agree with most of what you have to say however I am not so sure that Callum Robinson will pan out to be such a great player just because I do not feel like he has done enough. I do think that him and Jack Grealish are our best chances at having a star player because we do not have the money to go and get one.

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