Roy Keane is the bookies’ favourtie and media favourite to become Aston Villa’s assistant manager this week. Many fans seem unsure about Keane and I share that uncertainty. I will try to re-assure myself and everyone else by considering a few possible advantages of Roy Keane joining the club and also look at the inevitable disadvantages.


“Keane can only galvanise the squad.”

Keane has a passion for the game. Listen to him talk and you’ll hear that he knows football. There is not much the man does not know about the world of football. His passion and knowledge will be passed on to the players and surely scare them into action while he could also bring much-needed organisation and respect into the young squad. Furthermore, Keane and Lambert know each other well and have good mutual ground.

Ron Vlaar has said, “He has a lot of fighting spirit, and I think that would be really good for us.” I totally agree with him: if we are in a relegation dog fight, as I expect given the situation at the moment, a man like Keane can only galvanise the squad. Motivation is important in every work place.

Another advantage of Keane joining us is his winning mentality. Being used to nothing less than winning as a player means the winning mentality will be something definitely passed on to the players throughout the season. As a manager, Keane hardly succeeded although he has outstanding qualities.

Keane can move the players’ fitness levels up another notch and he could teach the side how to pass, how to defend, how to score and how to really work as a team. I firmly believe Roy Keane has a lot to offer us.


The cons are fairly obvious. Keane may spark trouble as his presence could spark fears regarding the continuation of the bullying culture at Villa Park.

Others worry that this man is a cheap option if Lambert needs replacing. He has been a manager. If Lambert is sacked or resigns in December, for example, I imagine that Keane would be the man replacing him if Lerner has not sold up by then.

Furthermore, Keane could bring too much fear to the training ground. This could be unhealthy for moral. He cannot take defeat gracefully. Do we really want an assistant manager who risks a touchline ban every time he opens his mouth? There is too much turmoil in the modern game without having a fiery, hot-headed number two.

Keane’s other commitments are problematic. Currently an ITV pundit, we wonder if he would continue in that role if he was at Villa. He might, whether the Villa press officer likes it or not. Furthermore, Keane will be unavailable during the international breaks, which is not good when we only have a few internationals in our squad.


Is Roy Keane a good fit for Aston Villa? I really do not know. It looks very likely that the former Manchester United man will sign a contract with Villa. Will it be a coup? Will it be a bad move? Time will tell, when time will be of the essence.


  1. I’d be delighted if Keane is put in place, he will tell Lambert straight what players aren’t good enough and he will firm up our midfield to take pressure off the defence. Its about time someone gave these Villa players a good kick in the arse. They are getting well paid and not performing. About time the truth was shoveled down their throats. Enough pussy footing around them has gone on. Time for them to take the blame and be dropped from the team if they don’t perform. They cant hide behind Lambert anymore. Keane has only been with the irish team a couple of months and the transformation is brillant so it will be a good thing for Villa to have him as no. 2. COME ON THE VILLA!

  2. All cons for me. Look back at his time at Sunderland, he left under a cloud after upsetting everyone at the club, especially the players, who reportedly had a party to celebrate him leaving, hardly galvanising is it?

    Went to Ipswich, failed, and got the sack, apparently the players disliked him intensely.

    He’s not the man we want at Villa, I’ve seen fans happy to see him arrive to “kick the players up the a***”, that will bring a repeat of the Sunderland problem. I’m guessing this appointment is another masterstroke by the ever unreliable Mr Faulkner.

  3. As an Irish man I know a lot more about Keane’s current predicament. The article shows you may just have a dislike to Keane as the cons to him joining are embarrassing. Roy Keane is not a bully, yes he’s had run-ins but a bully as a manager or coach he certainly hasn’t been. Keane has been in the current Ireland no.2 position since November without any controversy whatsoever and players have spoke out of their admiration of the man himself and the coaching job he has been doing. The players love him and the recent 0-0 draw with Italy was just reward for their hard work. Keane has changed his ways from the autocratic style management and is admittedly now more reserved but still has a passion and hunger to strive to be the best. It is for that reason and many others that Roy Keane will be a brilliant coup for Aston Villa Football Club.


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