On Thursday, we sealed our first signing of the summer transfer window – Philippe Senderos. The former Arsenal man is an experienced if rather unimpressive acquisition who can supposedly do a job. If there is a positive to take from the signing of Senderos it is that his arrival will almost certainly mean that Ciaran Clark and Nathan Baker’s playing time will be restricted next season.

Yesterday, it was reported that we had been turned down by recently released Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand. However, more details emerged later in the day and it appears that Villa officials had merely checked his situation with his agent, which was a relief as more aging mediocrity is not what Aston Villa Football Club needs.

Now that Senderos is officially an Aston Villa player, three of our players will feature in the World Cup in Brazil. In 2010, we had three players in the England squad alone. How times have changed. It is not a time to dwell on what might have been as we should use the World Cup as an opportunity to look carefully at some international players. It certainly won’t be hard to find good players but persuading them to join an ailing Aston Villa could prove more difficult.

We seem set to keep hold of Christian Benteke due to his untimely injury towards the end of the season but we need more players of similar quality. We are constantly being given the impression that Paul Lambert doesn’t have any funds to improve his current squad but this has been contradicted to an extent by the signing of Senderos, who will be on at least £30,000 per week. Although the likes of Lescott and Barry, players who should not be wildly out of our league, are available, the fact that Aston Villa Football Club can’t offer competitive wages is a joke in itself.

Roy Keane has been talking to Villa about potentially taking on the role of assistant manager this week too, which has sparked considerable debate among fans. He is a man many would love to see at the club while there are just as many who think his arrival would be a catastrophe. Personally, I believe that any change is good and Roy Keane may drum some discipline into the players and, with a bit of luck, teach our midfielders a thing or two.

To say we’re heading anywhere near the right direction would be a complete lie. However, at least Paul Lambert knows that he has to improve some elements of the team and the acquisition of Senderos shows that he can see our frailties.

In the absence of any new developments regarding the sale of the club, we can but hope that we are going to be looking at other players of quality – and not just on free transfers.


  1. Difficult summer for any manager. We can only hope that the players we have perform better next year. Not expecting any quality signing.

    The sooner we find a buyer the better. We need someone with ambition. With regards to the team I feel with N’Zog, Okore, Benteke, Bent & Kozak coming back from injury we have a team that, provided we can avoid lengthy injuries to key players, is capable of competing for top 10. Players like Gabby & Weimann need to step up or be got rid of, because they are not performing well enough. Lambert needs to set the teams up better & organise the team better. Signing Senderos was a clever move, he’ll provide decent cover for Vlaar & Okore.

  2. I’m delighted to get Sendros over Ferdinand, not that think he’s a great player but i really think Ferdinand is that bad at this stage of his career.

    The Lescot thing is over, and personally I don’t see much difference between him and Sendros, both similar age and similar talent, both have played for big clubs for no obvious reason. I would like to see Barry coming back but I just can’t see it happening, he’s good enough to get CL football and I’d be surprised if he’s not at Everton again next season.

    I said it in other places and I’ll say it again, i don’t want to see Keane anywhere near the club. If we’re going to bring in an inexperienced face as assistant bring in someone without the baggage, we have a big enough problem bringing players in without having another reason in the dressing room.

  3. If there is money available to Lambert it will only come through outgoing sales. This is a sad moment in this Club’s history. There is no leadership at any level of AVFC. Where are we heading? Into more decline. Divine intervention, novenas needed (Fact). Start praying. AVFC are running out of time fast.

  4. @john64
    I started praying when Lambert was given the green light!He’s still here,my prayers remain unanswered…….

  5. If Aston Villa FC used the Football league payment towards players’ wages (nothing else) we could get quite a good team of “out of contract” players. Including, I might say, agents’ bonus payments for arranging deals.

    Will it happen? Not in our lifetime. It will take that long for AV board to think of it.

  6. I’m a Villa fan living in Vancouver. I watch as many games possible on SNET, which is quite a few. I see strikers that can’t finish. Defenders that can’t mark, and a manager that can’t motivate, (one good game 3 bad. PL has had his chance. If Keen is to arrive at VP, assistant manager would be a disaster, but manager would be a different story. Losing Albrighton to Leicester City makes us look like a laughing stock. We can’t hold on to our better players, even a newly promoted side can help themselves! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, where’s the pride?


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