Pressing Tactics Are Best, Lambert


It may be pointless getting hyped up by Villa’s convincing 4-1 victory against Norwich yesterday but I believe Villa fans should believe our time is now if the Villa jigsaw continues to be rebuilt in the coming weeks, with the correct tactics used by Lambert.

With the side looking comfortable after a nervy opening twenty minutes, we took control with a dominant counter-attacking, pressing performance that always works for Villa yet Lambert rarely deploys it at Villa Park. The cycle below shows how it is put into practice:

Lambert should stick to this strategy
Lambert should stick to this strategy

The diagram shows a lot of what I want to explain. I believe this strategy should be implemented by Paul Lambert more often as it is a proven recipe for success. Look at the wins against Arsenal, Manchester City: this strategy was key. The strategy is something similar to my flow chart. The fans realise that this tactic works so why doesn’t Lambert always use it? Personally, I question Lambert’s tactics but if he used this tactic week in, week out the points would soon start racking up. When we use this formation, Gabby Agbonlahor works to his full potential, as do the other players. The side that played yesterday is arguably one of Villa’s strongest. The midfield pressure was brilliant. When we played forward, the young, energetic midfield triplet sparked into life, pressing immediately and preventing the Norwich players from turning and running, apart from when we conceded but arguably that was due to nerves.

A similar strategy should be deployed by Paul Lambert in our next game against Chelsea. Yesterday’s game highlighted what the side is capable of with the pressing working well and the team working in unison. We have a young side we need to exploit that more. The youth means energy to Lambert and potential but what does the future hold if Lambert sticks with gung-ho tactics if all is not well? The answer is a one way ticket to the Championship and trips to Yeovil and Barnsley… We can avoid relegation as the players are capable of great things given the right tactics and time.

Furthermore, against Norwich we played with conviction and took a risk or two. Benteke’s goals highlighted this with the first a world-class bicycle kick and the second a brave header when he could easily have been penalised for pushing on the Norwich defender’s back. Whenever we put the ball in the box we looked like scoring. The opposition was a poor Norwich side, not Chelsea or Real Madrid, but if the ball is constantly put in that area against Chelsea in the upcoming fixture then Benteke et al should be able to capitalise on that. All the top sides can counter-attack at speed and we can do that too. Why not use our strengths more? Benteke can be unpredictable again if this strategy is deployed. The Villans could be difficult to play against if we use the counter-attacking style that we are renowned for.

A win, even a win over Norwich, is exactly what we needed and a convincing win against struggling opponents will do wonders for the team ahead of the long, hard, slog to the season’s finish.

What do you think of Lambert’s tactics? I would love to hear from you so feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


  1. mind boggling but are we talking about sport or just some board game ?
    Sorry but I’m just not sure what your trying to say
    Could it be that your saying that because yesterdays tactics seemed to work those are the ones Lambert shopuld use for the rest of the season ?
    Having seen a few comments from those not impressed with yesterdays result I suspect a few would disagree , but then I suspect some of them would have complained if the score had been 10-0 to Villa .
    But that aside are Norwich a struggling side ? the way they carved Villa up in the opening 20 mins did not suggest that , but then there were all Villa’s goals to suggest otherwise , But Villa have done that against top 5 sides so maybe it is not such a good guideline as to a teams ability
    But what of tactics & strategies are they all they are cracked up to be ? I don’t think so ! The reason being that any plan is only good if the opposition play the way they are predicted to play ,
    I heard some complain that Villa sat back & absorbed pressure in the 2nd half when they should have gone for yet more goals . I don’t think Villa did sit back , but rather Norwich changed tactics & it toook time for Villa to adapt to those tactics , just as they were slow to comprehend Norwich’s tactics in the 1st 20 mins . What was good was that they realised the threat & slowly but surely stiffled that threat . And in a lot of Villa’s recent losses it has not been Lambert’s tactics that have caused the loss but the teams inability to understand they need to adapt those tactics to countermand those of the opposition .
    The determination to win is very important , anticipation is more so . And anticipation of what their team mates & what the opposition might do is very important , more often than not the ball is lost or gained by anicipating what the player on the ball might do or want to do . And that is important as there was a few times yesterday when the ball was lost due to lack of anticipation . Lack of anticipation/alertness that the ball might come in ones direction is important & there were a few ocasssions when players were found wanting . Hunting in packs can be effective but can leave a team vunerable if they can not anticipate that the direction of play might be switched from one side of the pitch to the other , which Villa sometimes do with great effect with long balls across the pitch . But hunting in packs is used effectively by some teams as a way of closing Villa down , but the team is starting to anticipate that the man on the ball might neeed help , and if they can continue that for the rest of the season no matter what tactics are deployed we should get more than just the required few points for safety

  2. It works against the big teams, and it works against the small teams.

    We have so much youth like you said that it’s a crime to not use the benefit of having more energy than the opposition, especially in the midfield. Could be interesting against Chelski if they play Fat Frank in the middle as we could really win the midfield battle if they play aswell as they did at the weekend.


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