It is impossible to be anything but negative


My article last week was very negative and I was hoping that this week’s offering would be more positive but once again the boys in claret and blue did little to raise the spirits of Villa fans.

For the Villans to lose to a League One team any day is disappointing but to do so with a fairly similar team to the one we put out in the Premier League earlier in the same week is unforgivable.

I have always been one to stick by Lambert and last week, for the first time, I found myself criticising him.

After our performance yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that Lambert has run out of ideas and I do believe that he should be sacked. We may be in a slightly better position in the Premier League than we were in last season but the football we are playing is dreadful and we are still losing games we should be winning. The team’s performances are average at best and I have to believe that is in no small part down to the tactics. The players Lambert purchased in the summer have shown little, if any, promise and he seems to be at a loss during the game, doing very little to change the original game plan even when it is obviously not working.

On Saturday, Helenius scored, proving that maybe he is ready to be given a chance in the Villa team. Villa fans have been crying out for this over the last few weeks. With Kozak out for the rest of the season and a goal to his name, Lambert has to give the lad a chance in our next Premier League game.

I have always been a fan of Cup competitions and I do think it is important to have a good Cup run during the season. It’s a shame that we are unable to have a cup run this season and we are now purely relying on Premier League survival. On the plus side, focusing purely on the Premier League may benefit the players, keeping the team fresh and reducing the number of injuries.

It could be another difficult season for the Villa faithful but I think we established that a long time before Christmas. It’s time for Lambert to go and for Lerner to bring in someone new with fresh ideas to save the Villa from dire, slow and inept football and the possibility of another relegation battle.


  1. Wow, so many shorted sited fickle villa fans. Lambert has been he 18months, We are 11th in the PL. This season we have had out, Vlaar,Delph,Gabby,benteke & Okore out, that is the spine of the team yet we are still in a lot better position than when he 1st came. A few months ago when we beat Man City & Arsenal EVERYBODY was calling Lambert a god. This is a plop, thats all. For years we have played as a counter attacking team & have struggled at home, Lambert is trying to change this but it is not a quick thing to change. Our away form is the 2nd best in the PL, not bad for a rubbish team!!

    Get of his back, let him do the job he needs to do or I guarantee the next manager will not be anywhere near as good. Lambert was the FANS choice.

  2. Dave it’s not about where we finish it’s about how we play our football under Lambert. I am a season ticket holder and this is the worst Villa team I have seen. The football is garbage, I don’t want to watch hoof ball. If Villa played like Swansea Villa Park would be full every week. Lets see how many Villa fans renew their season tickets next season even if we finish 10th?

  3. It would be pointless to get rid of Lambert. The problem is way above him. No manager can be expected operate successfully at this level under the restrictions that he is placed under. The club talks about cutting the wage budget – well when is that going to end? I can’t see them spending again once the likes of Given and Hutton are gone.

    Everything is geared up for the club just to continue to run no matter what league we’re in – not to compete at the highest level. If Lerner doesn’t have the cash or the interest any more to help AVFC progress, then he needs to sell up and go.

    How you can write a ‘Lambert Out’ article without giving any thought to the non footballing minds above the bloke (Faulkner et al.) is beyond me.

    The problem is not Paul Lambert. The problem is the people controlling him.

  4. Hate seeing people bashing Lambert, I am still 100% behind him and believe he is the guy to take us forward, like the other comment, we have had the best players of our team out for large parts of the season, and been getting injuries with their replacements. I don’t like the football but recently the ball has been on the ground alot more, and playing at times some alright football, not this hoof and chase game.

  5. David our away form is 6th best in the PL, not 2nd, & to my mind that is just another indicator of how shocking our home form is under Lambert. Granted, wasn’t fantastic before him but he’s done nothing to improve it & has had the patient support of fans since he came in. Tactically he is clueless, that much is obvious. Firing him would of course be a gamble but maybe the stakes are too high not to. Can’t see Lerner paying him off & not sure he’d walk without somewhere else lined up & he’s not exactly selling himself well.

  6. The big problem is the football that is being served up at VP is truly rubbish. Teams worked our home style out long ago an we have done nothing about it. Remember Bradford last year? Come on Paul try an entertain the masses at VP get the crowd behind the team again with some entertaining attacking football. If you can’t do that then I hate to say it but it will be time to go.

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