Something needs to change!


Following a dismal display against Manchester United, a team most Villa fans thought we would have a chance against because of their up-and-down season under new manager David Moyes, at the weekend, it’s clear that something needs to change in B6.

To start with a positive, it was nice to see a player like Marc Albrighton come back onto the Villa Park pitch and put in a good performance. A few months ago, I had written him off and felt he had no future with Villa but, if he shows the right attitude and can put in consistent performances, he may get his chance under Paul Lambert.

After a fairly promising start to the season, we are looking like a side that might struggle down at the bottom of the table again this season. Having seen Villa play at the weekend, I found the team had lost its drive and commitment to the claret and blue shirt, something that had always been a positive in our performances. Benteke seemed frustrated on many occasions as he didn’t get much service, although he didn’t have a particularly good game anyway so we could debate whether he would have had been effective even with better service.

It was refreshing, however, to see Lambert admit for once that Villa got it wrong as a team, instead of his usual post-match interview containing sentences such as, “I am proud of the lads. They worked hard”. Something needs to be done to reignite the players’ commitment to,and passion for, the football club and to improve the teams performances. This, ultimately, is Lambert’s responsibility. I have never been one to criticise Lambert but now, for the first time, I am questioning whether he has run out of ideas.

With January approaching, I believe Lambert needs to look at buying some quality Premier League players. The players he brought in from all over the place in the summer window have done little to impress me so far. He might finally have to realise that experience is a great quality in a team and that having youngsters throughout the team is not the answer.

Who would you like to see Lambert bring in during the January window? I have to admit that, even if we do approach established players, I wonder whether they would want to move to B6.

It’s been a testing fortnight for Villa fans, with a loss to Fulham and another home defeat at the weekend. Our defeats at home are even more worrying when the football we play is dull, as it makes it difficult to understand why we pay so much money to watch the team. Well, because we are Villa fans, we accept the ups and downs and we have to stay behind the boys in claret and blue.

Life as a Villan is very difficult at the moment and I can feel the negativity slowly growing inside of me. If we don’t improve soon, the negativity will turn into worries about another relegation scrap towards the end of the season. Let’s hope Lambert and his players give us all some festive cheer – and fast.


  1. With Vlar and Delph (arguably our two best players this season) out for this game, we were always going to struggle. With the current state of our squad, two players like that make a huge difference. Our defence is nothing without Vlar at the moment. He adds a level of organisation and level headedness when he is playing. It’s no coincidence that the last two games we’ve struggled at the back in, he’s been missing.

    I too was glad to see Albrighton in for Weimann. Weimann has been woeful this season and he really needs to get his confidence back. Which brings me onto Karim El Ahmadi. Why is he still played week in, week out. Yes he scored an important goal against the carrier bags but he’s not done much else all season. He should not be in the team, period.

    Weimann, Luna, KEA are definitely not good enough at the moment. Problem is we don’t have much to replace them with. Sylla should be given more of a chance as he did well at the end of last season. Luna needs to learn how to defend.

    I’m willing to give Lambert more time. I don’t like the football we’re playing at the moment, it’s dreadful. I actually cringe when watching some of the long balls flying forward time after time. But this may well be a reaction to last seasons frailties at the back. We saw against Man U that we can’t play it out the back reliably at the moment.

    A lot of work to do for Lambert, his purchases have been very hit and miss. Some of them have still only been with the club for a very short period so we should afford them more time.

  2. We need established premier league quality throughout the team.

    The current collection of bodies are taking us nowhere fast. Trouble is of course, established premier league quality will cost cash, cash that I very much doubt is available in a sufficient amount to allow Paul Lambert to begin righting wrongs.

    I agree with you completely that ‘something has to change’, because the current scenario is far from ideal, and once again we find ourselves struggling to compete with teams who just a few short seasons ago were our inferiors.

    We are stagnating, standing still, and wallowing in mediocrity. That is an acceptable situation for some clubs, it certainly shouldn’t be the case for our beloved AVFC.

  3. Being a EPL manager can’t be easy -look at Tottenham! Lambert is a good manager and has a vision. That vision is slightly clouded at the moment. He is building for the future, my argument is that this is not guaranteed. Even if you bring up a young player once they start to perform other clubs come sniffing and tempt them away. Loyalty only exists in home grown local lads who love the Villa. Look at Utd in the early days, now look at them. Bring in a couple of older professionals who are interested in helping to bring up,our local home grown academy players. We have to understand that we probably will never be a top four team. That hurts me to say that but that’s life. Let’s build a great team that can comfortably be in the top six every year. Experience is needed at the moment. If we keep getting beat, heads will drop. Benteke is a prime example. Put him in the reserves, let him score a heap,of goals to get his hunger back. We need to buy some older experience in January, even if they only last a couple of years to help the young breed of Villans.

  4. Lambert is building a team within a SUSTAINABLE budget.

    Would you rather go down the Portsmouth/Ranges route? The Club has wasted too much money in previous seasons and is still suffering from O’Neil’s profligacy on so called ‘experienced players’. Players who milked our Club, delivered nothing and then moved on to ‘better things’ only to be found out for wasters they were … Downing, Bent and Young etc. who never raised a sweat between them in all their time at the Villa …good riddance to them.

    If you are a Villa fan, get behind the team, our hard working manager and an owner who all all working towards a successful and sustainable future!

  5. I don’t think this is as much of a crisis and we are making it out to be. The truth is, we are a mid table side in the premier league. I’m not saying that we should settle for that, but it’s a good place to build. With a couple of easier fixtures and the transfer window coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to kick on and push for a top half finish, which is very realistic.

    As for bringing in players over Christmas, I think the midfield needs strengthening right away. A defensive and attacking midfielder would turn our otherwise unthreatening centre to a reliable, exciting one. Matthieu Flamini is a perfect example. He went to Arsenal on a free, and what he’s given them is some protection, strength and reliability. Villa are lacking in that sense.

    An attacking mid would be welcome. If we want some real premier league quality or experience, we will need some serious cash. I think Lambert has earned it after slashing the wage bill massively. Maybe going after someone who is out of favour is the way to go. Gylfi Sigurdsson and Moussa Dembele come to mind. During the mls off season we could go in for a loan move for Clint Dempsey too. Lets not forget Nzogbia and Ireland who are still at the club.

  6. Guys, I to hate the footy we are playing but what’s the other options?, sack him?, who would want to come here?. I say stick with him till the endof the season at least. As for new players , and for fear of being shot down here, how about : lescott, ash young, sigurdson, Defoe . All prem experienced and available , plus I’d always go for Milner !

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