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  2. With yet another golden handshake.
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  4. I've told you before but I'll say it again Larry , when you watch illegal football steams on a laptop or what ever you use to access the internet .,,spyware / malware , key loggers and other viruses are downloaded onto your device ,,without you even knowing about it , no matter what antivirus /firewall , pop up blocker you have installed. The same goes for the porn /sex websites apart from the fisting and watersports sections on hamster which seem to be alright. , But never mind hun , carry on posting the links
  5. He goes again (after dusting down)
  6. Cheers, always learning.
  7. Tim is another nickname for a ''celtic fan'' a Tim'alloy or the bhoys this will say it better
  8. Dim, What is a Tim?
  9. 28/05/2017 : Ups and Downs Season 2016-2017, Scotland : SPFL1 (SPL) (Premiership) 01 Celtic 02 Aberdeen 12 Inverness Caledonian Thistle SPFL2 (Championship) 01 Hibernian 09 Raith Rovers 10 Ayr United SPFL3 (League 1) 01 Livingston 04 Brechin City 09 Peterhead 10 Stenhousemuir SPFL4 (League 2) 01 Arbroath 02 Forfar Athletic
  10. 28/05/2017 : Yet again I have had hassles with my internet connection !!! ... no problems with some Sites, but on AVF I could not access posts or even my own User page. For the record : Saturday 27/05/2017, FA Cup Final : Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea
  11. 3 out of 4 now, come on reading tomorrow. Had a look on bet Fred app for cash out, it said not available. Wasn't gonna take it anyway. I'm gonna be loaded
  12. I don't know how ramsey can live with himself,f*ck having that on my conscience,id be missing siiters and avoid scoring or just retire
  13. ignore this fake news , it will never happen
  14. Could really do with Blackpool beating Exeter 2 or 3 -1 in todays play off final , But i have just read Blackpool are a very defensive side and Exeter who were bottom in November are a very attacking side , should have done my homework , plus Blackpool fans are continuing their boycott against the owners and only 5000 are going to Wembley compared to the 35 thousand they took to the Championship play off final a few years ago. Never went out yesterday or Friday , no work tomorrow so i am off out shortly to watch it till late tonight
  15. We go to the pub before the match , in Denmark , Brondby fans do this
  16. Playing for Wales next ,June 11th ?????.As for " lifelongs " comments, I don't think I will be trusted with my granddaughter anytime soon !!
  17. Aston Villa can confirm the club will travel to Germany as part of their pre-season preparations. The team will take part in the Schauinsland-Reisen tournament, a mini-competition at Schauinsland Reisen Arena, Duisburg on Sunday July 23, kick-off 1pm local time. Teams will play two matches lasting 45 minutes each. Other participating clubs include MSV Duisburg, one Bundesliga club and one La Liga club. Steve Bruce’s outfit will also play a second game against Vitesse Arnhem in the same region as the tournament. This will take place on Tuesday July 25, kick-off time and venue TBC. Source:
  18. Would Roberts be strong enough for the Championship? He has come on a hell of a lot under Rodgers this year.
  19. Aston Villa are reportedly interested in signing Barnsley's out-of-contract midfielder Josh Scowen. Steve Bruce has already raided the Tykes twice since taking over at Villa Park with the captures of Conor Hourihane and James Bree. Source:
  20. Aston Villa are among a number of Championship clubs reportedly weighing up a move for Lincoln City midfielder Alex Woodyard. The 24-year-old hardly missed a match as the Imps took the National League title and famously reached the FA Cup quarter-finals. Source:
  21. What has actually happened if you read the whole article is Shia Muslims have gone on their annual pilgrimage and ignored the threat from ISIS who are Sunnis and hate Shias as much as they hate us. The Sunni/Shia conflict has been going on for over a 1000 years and will probably go on for another 1000.
  22. Just read my post back, didn't make any sense did it. I shouldn't post when I'm half asleep What I meant to add was I find it worrying that those born here seem to hate us so much, possibly more so than their parents. Though in this case it seems the father is also vermin.
  23. bet these celebs cant wait untill ramsey retires from football
  24. Greg Allman, guitarist with the Allman brothers Blues Band 1947- until the time Aaron Ramsey scored ! Looking a bit scary.
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