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  2. where was this London?,...aye annes a nice lass not seen her on here in a while
  3. Yesterday
  4. cheers, great ball there from Christie
  6. now, now, don't be nasty lol
  7. Who the f*ck paid 2.5 for that
  8. As far as I know we have only sold one player so far,,, Sanchez for £2.5 million. And with that money we have bought in John Terry, Sam Johnston ,El Mohamedi, Glen Whelan and now Chris Samba. Brilliant
  9. good result for the dons another ex-celt player bailing you cunts out again with McKay stevens
  10. Get in you Dons! Cyprus next
  11. Brilliant news Fred, the final piece in the jigsaw
  12. According to the official site the lad has signed on a one year deal----no surprise really after his recent showing in friendlies. Welcome to The Famous Aston Villa Chris good luck and hopefully both you and us will enjoy your time at Villa Park, VTID
  13. hahahahaha!
  14. I´ve always liked his "never surrender" attitude, hope he still got legs to do the job. Welcome Glenn !
  15. Nice ! Same crossed my mind too. What are we really doing out there ? Surely we´re going to offload some of them. Are we ?
  16. I like classy evenings
  17. someone needs to pay for their wee jaunts away and the hookers lol
  18. 4-5 fines now lol,ffs a sponser on a subs bib aswell,as I said uefa love fining cunts willy nilly that's how they make a few bob the fly cunts haha
  19. Don't understand Uefa, it should be for crimes against artistry lol!
  20. terrorist display my arse,put yer rod awaycracking display,good atmosphere good oul reb fest v sash bash,
  21. nice one Patrick that sure would be different--and leave the opposition guessing--the shape of things to come--lol
  22. Has joined on a 3 year deal,----"a specialist wing-back" --blimey we seem a wee bit top heavy at Right Back,-- Right Wing Back or whatever it is you wish to call it:: Hutton De-Laet, Bree, Elmahamady, Bacuna if you like,Richards preffered choice of position, and Mitchell Clark rising through the ranks-----injury,s and suspensions i guess wont really matter as much anymore!!!
  23. Whelan should bring some bite which is imo much needed to midfield----hope he still has a couple of seasons in his engine.
  24. really underwhelmed by the signings so far, but ill def give the new guys my full support
  25. as a side note Stoke are pursuing our old mucca Fabian Delph for £10M according to Sky Sport --but Citeh want £13M.
  26. Great work by Steve Bruce, For years we have been too lightweight in midfield. With Terry behind him and Kodja up front, now we have a proper spine Stokes loss is our gain
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