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Barclay's Premier League Talk - 2012/13


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Pmsl !


Championeeeeee Championeeeee Olee Oleee Oleeeee

You need people like me so people like you can point your fcuking fingers and say there's the bad guy

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90% of NUFC fans can read?!!!
That is amazing !


Championeeeeee Championeeeee Olee Oleee Oleeeee

You need people like me so people like you can point your fcuking fingers and say there's the bad guy

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Major plans for a £260m regeneration of Anfield have been revealed.

The ambitious scheme will see hundreds of new homes, new business premises, a revamped stadium for Liverpool FC, a village square, a hospitality academy hotel with 100 beds and a “pedestrian-friendly” avenue gateway cutting through Stanley Park right up to the football ground.

Around 300 vacant or derelict houses will have to be demolished to make way for the plans, which will include the refurbishment of around 500 homes.

Around 250 new homes will be added to the growing Parks housing estate development.

Residents who have lived in uncertainty for more than a decade have been given their first glimpse of the plans, which are being spearheaded by the council, the Reds and housing association Your Housing.

The project, which should take around five years to complete, will be the biggest single regeneration push in the city after the multi-billion pound Liverpool Waters development.


ANFIELD residents had a mixed reaction to the unveiling of a £260m regeneration plan for the area.

The majority of residents were happy with the proposals.

Ellen Lacey has lived in Anfield over 50 years and now lives in a refurbished house in Tancred Road.

She told the ECHO: “These plans have been a long time coming and I’m just excited to see it all come to life.

“We’re proud of where we live and finally Anfield is getting the makeover it deserves.”

Karen Harris, who has lived in Anfield all her life, said: “I sold my property to the city and now live in a house on the edge of the ward. I didn’t want to sell but all the houses around me were getting tinned up and the repercussions of that was the anti-social behaviour and the rats in the street.

“I think these plans are really exciting, there will be lots of opportunities for jobs, and the partners are showing their commitment to get the area looking right and for local people to start to see the benefits."

However, there were some doubts over the plans.

Russell Start who lives on Venmore Street said: “The residents need to start benefiting from the club.

Christopher Coyle, whose home on Walton Breck Road would be demolished under the plans, said residents hadn’t been involved properly.

He said: "Our house is one of the next ones to come down but we're in the dark.

"They offered us £60,000 and they would give us another house but we would have a £20,000 equity mortgage. My mum is a 67-year-old pensioner who had paid off her mortgage on this home and this would mean she was left with £20,000 debt



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I think its always great to see clubs get involved like that and refurb communities and redevelop other parts. Should be good when it all finally gets finished


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i copied and pasted these comments from skysports, i got a giggle out of them lol

"When I was there as manager, I was doing a great job. The team was away from the relegation area but the media were on my back.

Newcastle won five of the 26 games played under Kinnear.


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