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Alex Mcleish Sacked


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To be fair to Alex McLeish, he was on a loser from even before he started at AVFC, with the opposition to his appointment from AVFC Fans, because he had come from BCFC and was a 'Bluenose'.

As for his record with AVFC, yes, it is dismal, but.

When a Club loses key players (due to the Chairman's cost-cutting in this case), imports inferior replacements (N'Zogbia), loses experienced and key players to injury (and leukaemia, don't forget), has to blood youngsters before they are ready for the first team, with all this happening whilst competing in the toughest League in the world, then a successful Season it will be not.

Alex McLeish has paid the price for failure, but I think he was unlucky. I cannot recall another Season when AVFC has had so much in the way of onfield misfortune.

It says a lot for Alex McLeish's strength of character that he stuck to his task, despite the opposition to him personally and the disruptions to the team.

He was prepared to continue too, but Randy Lerner was not and sacked his appointee (through Faulkner, Lerner is in the USA).

About one thing Alex McLeish's critics at AVFC were correct. Alex McLeish is a 'Bluenose', but not as the AVFC Fans understand it.

Alex McLeish is a Rangers 'Bluenose' and Rangers Men don't do 'Walking Away'.

N.B. Of course, none of this would have occurred if Lerner had not undermined our best Manager since Ron Saunders - Martin O'Neill.


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I hate to see anyone lose their job, especially in this era. But AM will do just fine on his ransom he got this year. Agreed he seemed a nice enough guy but finishing 16th and below Wigan (are you serious?!) will simply not cut it.

Wish I could see the friendly this summer. It would be a great preview for next season. Whoever captains this Titanic.

Portland, Chicago or Philidelphia!!!!!

I bet there are still tickets. Headed to Chicago myself and I know Peever will be there as well. Hoping to be one of the first to see Paul Lambert's Villa in action!!! Fingers Crossed!!

"Lions roar, not whimper. You're the hunters, not the hunted. Now get out there to f*ck and bring home the points because if you don't bring home the bacon you get treated like a pig. Pigs belong in the sty and that shithole's down the road. We're the pride of Birmingham so FFS make Brum proud tonight." -AnneMc

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Doomed from the start if im 100% honest i do feel for alex mcleish as he should never been put in this position, he should never have got the job in the first place. I woke up today and I feel like a massive weight has been lifted although lets just hope the board dont screw this appointment up, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST dont screw it up!!!!


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The next appointment by the board is crucial and cannot be a knee-jerk appointment. I would hope that the board approach and interview several candidates before appointing anyone. I actually believe AM was doomed after the Bolton game regardless of our final position in the PL and have been actively looking for his replacement for 2 or 3 weeks.

We as a club do not need to dive into this but on the other hand we cannot afford to drag our butts.

All I hope is that the boards statement is genuine and that they realize that A.V.F.C needs to be up there with the best,for the sake of the club,the fans,the tradition and the great name that is Aston Villa Football Club.

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when your up to your nuts in alligators...It's hard to concentrate and remember your initial task was to drain the swamp

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