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European Super League And Other Stuff


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Just thought I'd throw this one out there...

Does anyone else think a European super league would make the domestic game any better...Take the top 4 (the money clubs..chelski,manchity,Arsenil,manure etc) from leagues around europe, put them in a league(s) of their own with there own knockout cup(s).

Re-insate the European cup as it was..ie:- 1 team from each country enters and its on a 2 leg knock-out basis just like when we won it. Bring back the EUFA cup same scenario..

Also reinstate the promotion , relegation as it used to be..2 up 2 down...no money spinning play-offs

Make the F.A cup final a Wembley exclusive with the semi's played at a neutral ground as it used to be.

That would bring some excitement back into the domestic game and hopefully put every team on the same playing surface (no pun intended).

It's just an observation but football is the same all over Europe,Spain,France,Italy etc...its always the same clubs,the ones with the money , winning European and domestic honors...

Like I said,it's just an thought :g:

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