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Villa Chants

The Aston Villan

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Just a thought ,what if we sang the asley cole went to bed song obviously with women instead of men for carew and changed some of the other words to make it sound better for carew

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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Heres an old one with the name changed -

hark now here

the holte end sing

a new kings born today

His name is Stilyan Petrov

And hes better than Andy Gray


Championeeeeee Championeeeee Olee Oleee Oleeeee

You need people like me so people like you can point your fcuking fingers and say there's the bad guy

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Sounds good i like this but id like to see it as

Young scores one

Young scores two

Ashley's made a fool out of you

with a step over here and a step over there

Young can score from anywhere

how about keeping it simple

young scores one

young scores two, he's made a fool of you

ashley youuuung ashley youuuung

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That is quality if only we could get that printed for the holte that would be Quality

Come on lads its got to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heard these songs in the pub in prague thought they deserved another airing !

one for ashley to the tune " she"ll be coming round the mountain when she comes ".

whos that winger flying down the left and right !

is it shaun wright phillips ? no he"s f--king shite !

is it aaron lennon ? someone better tell em !


another version of the cuellar song for european games.

The villa are marching on again !


The villa are marching on again !


The villa are marching again, and we are the pride of BIRMINGHAM !

And we"ll all follow villa back in to EUROPE AGAIN !!

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i made one for nathan Delfouneso a few weeks ago told my m8 and she said its a good song so i thort id post it for u all

Delfouneso woooooaaaahhh

Delfouneso woooooaaaahhh

Hes young and we dont care

Cuz hes got dreadlocked hair

Delfouneso woooooaaaahhh

any thorts?

have that ringing out the holte would b lege :D

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