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'Idiots' in the Upper Holte!


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Two games on the trot now there have been arguments breaking out in the Upper Holte End, around the k4 area.

And one man said yesterday that the other wasnt a proper Villa fan for being upset at the loss yesterday. If that was the case i think theres about another 35k fans in that ground that ent proper fans.

We should all be one and get behind the lads, not fight and argue amongst eachother. Its people like these that should stay away from Villa Park.

And as for the stewards - what a waste of space. The quicker some of the prats are sacked up there the better. They are quick to tell you to sit down but soon as trouble starts they dont want to know!!


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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i think u have to think about it tho... at the time of seeing such a shambles of a game (AGAIN) emotions run high and more than likely beer is involved, chances are u will let the slightest thing blow ur top, ive seen hundreds of arguments over the years ive been to villa park, its just a fact of life imo, when ur wound up by another crap game u will look to vent ur anger however u can.



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We all support our club in different ways, my preference is to get behind the lads, encourage & support, but i am fully aware that others have different ways of being a Villa fan, none are necessary right or the best way, i would prefer to be sat in a Villa park that is always rocking, singing songs that support our team & not slag off the opposition, others have a different opinion and i also respect that, sometimes you have to bite your lip & let others vent their irritations but there will be times when they will have to do the same for you.

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Surely the time to get behind the lads most is when things arent going to well.

It gets om t++s when all we sing is songs about small heath. One of the games this season it satrted about 2 mins into the game !!!

And as for the emplty seats my lord, how can you sing that when we haven't sold out !! dooooooooo


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You need people like me so people like you can point your fcuking fingers and say there's the bad guy

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