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Gerard Houllier appointed Villa manager


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forget Jol, thats not going to happen, he has commited his future to Ajax and i expect them to keep him to his word. afterall he wanted to leave for Fulham and that was blocked, and there chairman just sold harrods for billions so he wasnt short of compensation money.

i really dont have a name but i would be very dissapointed if it was someone like curbishley tbh.



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what a shock, no warning what so ever, sad o'neill has gone regardless of what his critics will say. Made us into what we are now regardless of tactical blindness.

well i have absolutely no idea who will take over tbh, haven't had time to think about it logically, still feels wierd that we have no manager. Think young might be on his way after this as well, hope not.


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Who is next?? Good question. At this moment can't think who I would like to see come in. I feel that the better style of management are abroad now. I would like to thank MON for everything that he has done by taking the club forward since he came in.

The only questioning that I have is some of the signings that he never gave a chance, some of the timing and the substitutes made during some of the games...now the timing of this announcement.

I can only see is that he is not going to get acceess to any of the Milner cash and really hope it is wrong but there is rumour about Young gaining interest from elsewhere.

It is time to move on, and hope that they choose carefully.

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