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Stephen Ireland signs for Villa


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Lets face it guys, if Citeh want Milner bad enough they will get him :cry: But only if they pay well above the odds AND Milner himself will have to request a transfer,If Milner does put in a request to leave then there won't be much left to say on the matter except what the price will be :mellow:

I have always thought that Milner will stay, but the more i think of it when the "Hyper Clubs" come a knocking even the most loyal players are swayed by the massive amounts of money that can be offered and if he went to city he would be at least on parity with Barry (£115,000 a week)

I now fear that unless Milner himself comes out himself and states he is staying before the world cup we may not see him i the Claret and Blue again :no:

Lets just hope that if it is to happen Arsenal(to replace Cesc) and Manure (to replace Scholes) spark a bidding war to drive the price as high as possible so Villa can get maximum return on what is still a relativley young player.

It would hurt us to lose Milner and he would be very hard to replace but that is the modern game where money talks and good sense walks!!

Villa till i die!

Yeah, I agree. I thought Arsenal would want Milner when I heard about Fabregas, but he's English and Wenger doesn't do English. Liverpool can't afford him and Man U don't like spending. I hope he will stay at Villa but if he does go to Citeh, it's got to be at least 30 mill or Ireland, Richards and Santa Cruz. Thing is, what a sh*t time to put in a bid when he's concentrating on the World Cup.


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Aston Villa have turned down Manchester City's £20m bid for their England international James Milner.

"We have received an offer from Manchester City for James Milner and this has been firmly rejected," said a Villa spokesman late on Wednesday.

"We plan to sit down with James and his representative after the World Cup to agree a new long-term deal and this remains our position."

The 24-year-old midfielder was recently named PFA Young Player of the Year.

Leeds-born Milner, who joined Villa from Newcastle for £12m in 2008, is halfway through a four-year deal.

Villa owner Randy Lerner said last week the club will do "everything" in their power to ensure Milner stays.

Excellent news by no means the end of this story but a good strong stance taken by the club .

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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Was bound to happen as others have stated above. Now I am not 100% up to date with the amount of players citeh have at all their postions but I know they are a bit overloaded with players at a few positions. Perhaps the ability to stay part of the starting group at villa will keep him part of the club. Money does speak volumes but hopefully milner will realize its best to stay at villa and bep art of the starting line up week in and week out.


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Exactly what is an offer they cant refuse?

10/15 years ago, players valuations were down to certain things like contracts!, performance, age, club, international career etc.

This day and age, its all about whos got the money, and how stubborn are the selling club willing to play the game!

The figure of £24 million which is being banded about is absolute rubbish.

One only has to think about mercianary Gareth Barry at Villa 12 months ago , he was the first choice England international, a 28 year old, nigh on 12 months to run on his contract and also the captain of his club!

What happend? A bid of £12 million comes in from Man Shity and it's accepted more or less on the spot.

Consider this! If Ma Oneil had been that little bit stronger, and indeed played hard ball with Shity, Villa should have possibly got TWICE the figure they recived for Barry, considering Shity paid £24 million for Lescott!!! WTF

Compare now Barry with Milner now, 24 year old, established international, 2 years 3 months to run on his contract, possibly the 1st name on the Villa team sheet, 3rd top goalscorer at the club this season, 8 years first team experience at different clubs and top of most of the Activa statistical charts.

Now if Mr over rated Stevie Gerrard is worth say £35/40 million according to Liverpool, why shouldnt Villa be looking for at the very least that figure from Shity?

After all, they were stupid enough to pay £24 million for Lescott :lol: , so why on earth shouldn't we take advantage of Man Shitys stupidity when it comes to transfer fees.

All of the above is only if JM's head is turned by these offers, and indeed I tend to think that the kid loves it at Villa Park, and indeed he has youngsters around him who one day will no doub't break into the Engerland team and indeed form the backbone of the Engerland team in years to come.

One also has to remember that J.M has really only started to play in the midfield regularly this season, and in his first season he has indeed shown that he is one of the best if not the best utillity players in the Prem, and he can and indeed will only get better over the next couple of years in the midfield position and as a footballer in general.

Millner is a little rough round the edges at this moment in time, but I really feel, that he will indeed end up being one of the best players Engerland have produced in many many years. And to keep him at the Villa no matter what the cost, is something that RL should make dam sure he does.

Because this kid must suerly be well worth 40 mill plus now, consider his worth in two seasons time and or after he plays in the World Cup.

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TBH I really don't think he'll leave and they're gonna have to offer much more than that to prize him away from Villa Park

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