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Transfer Talk 2010/11


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Well, if all goes well and the Villa stay up (fingers crossed) we will need some serious investment to not only climb up the table but to also keep our good players.

With Ashley Young looking set to leave along with, Carew, Ireland, Warnock and Beye - Villa must bring in new!

It is more than likely that we get the following from the following players:

Ashley Young - 20mill+

Ireland - 8mill

Heskey - 1mill

Warnock - 3mill

Beye - 500k

Carew - 2mill+

Reo Coker - 5mill

Total - 39Million

From these possible funds and extra from Randy i would like to see the following players which will be much needed:

Gary Cahill - 20mill

M'bia - 15mill

Taiwo - Free

Gervihno - 15mill

Given - 5mill

Total - 55million


Gary Cahill - Great talent, young, captain for future.

M'bia - defensive qualities, young, experience, dominates the midfield.

Taiwo - Fast, strong, good shot, young, experience.

Gervihno - versatile attacker (ie Striker and winger), fast, young, proven.

Given - experience, reliable.

Therefore, from a bit of investment we can not only improve our team but have more fight within our game aswell as class.

Who do you want to see leave in the summer and join and for what reasons?

Unless Petrov goes, which is a big possibility, I do not see much need to bring in more central mid-fielders. Makoun, Petrov as starters and Bannan, Delph (can play centrally), Hogg and Herd off the bench. If Petrov goes, I like M'Bia, but he is not the right partner for Makoun. Both are a bit too defensive. If we moved to a more 4-2-3-1 system, those two would make a lot of sense, but I do not see Houllier doing that. If Villa are going to spend 15 mil on a midfielder, it will be Charlie Adam.

Would not mind seeing us hold onto Bradley too. I know he has not gotten any run, but it took Holden a while to adjust to the EPL. Bradley is a natural leader for the USMNT, and, at only 23, I think he will be a very good midfielder.

On the defensive front, I like Taiwo a lot.

I think Cahill and Cuellar/Collins (hopefully Dunne is gone) can make a good pairing with Clark and Baker coming off the bench. Still, I do not think Cahill would leave an up and coming Bolton team for Villa. I also, however, did not think Bent would leave Sunderland for us. Who knows?

Given is obviously a good, and fairly cheap, keeper.

On the right back front, I think Lichaj will be good, but I do not know if he is good enough yet. An older, more experienced short term option might not be a bad idea for the club. Luke Young might be able to do the job, but it seems he has a hard time staying healthy for a good stretch. If we wanted to spend like 4 mil on one, a guy like Cedric Hengbart might not be a bad option; if he wants to leave France.

Up front, I think we are fine with Bent, Gabby, Delfouneso, Heskey (would like to see him sold).

So all that really leaves is a replacement for Young. You might have heard of the guy I like. Super Marc some call him.

We do have a lot of holes, and there is no way all of them get filled over the summer. But I think two or three players could make this team much, much stronger.

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Gary Cahill £20M? Yep, let's buy back an overrated player we sold for 1/4 of that.

Would these players want to play in the Championship anyway?


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I have mentioned him a few times in the past would like Dempsey from Fulham here but i think he will be expensive i also want walker to stay and wouldn't mind Pav from Spurs, Maybe could use Ash as bait ?

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I have mentioned him a few times in the past would like Dempsey from Fulham here but i think he will be expensive i also want walker to stay and wouldn't mind Pav from Spurs, Maybe could use Ash as bait ?

With David Moyes eyeing to leave at the end of the season I would also want Villa to get him and then manage the following team:






If Ash stays then he will be infront of Gervihno.

With that team we will have Gabby,Clark, Petrov, Albighton, Fonz, Baker, Bannan on the bench

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I watched Lichaj come on for the US against Paraguay in the friendly earlier this week and he was active on the attack--he nearly assisted a goal on a very aggressive move into the box. I've never seen him be so effective and aggressive at the same time. Also there were no defensive lapses. He only played for a few minutes (I don't have time to check how much at the mo, but it wasn't a token amount of time--probably twenty minutes or so) but based on that performance I think he may be progressing nicely.

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The thing is it annoy's me when people go on about bringing old players back. Cahill is gone now and no point in crying over spilt milk we need to invest our time in the academy to find the next Cahill. Paying 20m for a CB mate we are Aston Villa not Man Utd or Man City we can't afford to pay 20m on a CB when we need to invest in so many area's.

Paper talk is Chris Kirkland, I rate him in ability but he is far to injury prone and this causes him to lose form so I really wouldnt invest we need someone healthy I rate Kieran Westwood



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Darren Gibson has an un certain future at Man Utd, bid maybe?

oh and avfc85 if we move for any of your transfer targets, we wouldn't stand a chance of staying up next year. We've got a billionaire behind us so tbh we can pay for big players sometimes, we paid £24 million for Bent. Cahill isn't worth £20 million anyway, probably around £10-15 million.

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