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Can Ireland beat France?


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Facing up to Henry, Benzema, Anelka and Ribery I really didn't rate the chances of Richard Dunne and co to hold the fort and scrape a victory. Now that Ribery's injured, that's still a pretty hairy looking attacking lineup.

But as this World Cup blog on Ireland vs France considers, Domenech seems to be facing a great deal of confusion over what defensive lineup to play. Apparently in 16 outings, he's never picked the same back 4 for more than 2 consecutive outings in 16 games, and that's not even taking into account how much he meddles with his keepers!

I know Robbie Keane has looked p*ss poor in recent months/years, but he often has a knack of pulling it out for his country. Anyone fancy the upset?

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unfortunately the first leg is at croke park :(

as long as Ireland dont conceed in the first leg they are in with a really good chance

it wont be a good match as trappotoni like any italian has Ireland defending an not attacking.

hopefully Dunne does the business at the back and duff is injury free.

come on the IRISH

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Domenach crap manager as he believes in picking his teams by reading stars!! Think Ireland can win as France may think it will be a walk over but defos hoping for an upset

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Have my ticket for this .

Well as Dunne has said they have to be considered clear favourites and its a pity the first leg is at home .

No reason why we can't beat them , im sure Croke Park will be a cracking atmosphere and I feel the french have a certain arrogance going in to these games .

We need another epic performance from Dunne and Given and as someone said Keane does tend to spring up with vital goals .

Could be very tight and defensive games but im sure at some stage we will give it go as a defensive system can only do so much .

Not that I need to mention it but when Dunne charges himself up for these games he can put in a world class performance which is amazing to watch .

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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