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The Official 'we Hate Small Heath' Thread

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latest news is....... he has sold 4 flags and is now having 4 corner shops built. :cowboy:

Only at BCFC - You couldn't make it up ! Telegraph - Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung gives 18-year-old son a seat on club's board of directors Edit - font

There just cnuts


Here is the circular

And in the Birmingham Holdings circular page 8 it states that they lost, yes lost 20.1m before tax, up to 31st August 2009. So looking at these figures, it looks as if it will be more like a loss of 32.4 mill by the close of play this season :thumbsup: So much for Pull your fat or whatever his name is having lots of money :whistling:

Hate to see any club in trouble, but when it may be the blousers I couldn't care less. :thumbsup:

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one of the sweetest thing i've heard in a long time (apart from getting to wembley)

personally this triad chinese whatever was stupid to buy them in the first place! :whistling:

it's b-lose!!! premier league ya having a laugh


Aston Villa Football Club EST. 1874

The Bells Are Ringing

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They seem to jump at any chance to think they're mocking us yet they can't make European football:

Facebook - Chelsea 7-1 Aston Villa

// AVillaFan 2009/10 FA Cup Winner

// AVillaFan 2010 Community Shield Winner

// AVillaFan 2010 World Cup 3rd Place Winner



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