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The Official 'we Hate Small Heath' Thread

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if carscum is sent down what will happen in lieu of the fit and proper persons act.i think i read somewhere that it's more stringent in the championship than the prem.does anyone out there know if this is true and what is likely to happen. :what:

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latest news is....... he has sold 4 flags and is now having 4 corner shops built. :cowboy:

Only at BCFC - You couldn't make it up ! Telegraph - Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung gives 18-year-old son a seat on club's board of directors Edit - font

There just cnuts

I'm not sure if somebody has already posted this video but heres a good video of Gabby's goal vs Lues in September 2009! He's fast as f*ck.Get in Gabby! :thumbsup:

Heres a video of the celebrations after.



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was listening to five-live and they were talking to a financial journo from the sunday times about s***l h***h.carscum borrowed 70mill from hsbc.they're not happy and are worrying about getting their money back.blues have just posted last years financials with the football league.rumoured to be really bad.they're going to be the new pompey. :roll:

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This is from the BBC, written in May and before AM left, but still relevant to Blues' finances.

BBC - Birmingham City set for the blues

There are several comments following the article. This one amused me :

4. At 12:13 24th May 2011, yemenal wrote:

Poor old small heath have drawn a tough group in Europe next season.

Real Trouble, Inter Administration and Rapid Decline.

VILLA 4 EVER biggrin.gif



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BIHL today announced a 4th delay (now delayed until 30 September 2011) to the Circular posting and Long Stop date, for the proposed acquisition of Carson Yeung's shell Company, 'Good Partners Group', by 'Leader Ahead Investments Ltd', a wholly owned subsidiary of BIHL.

This was indeed the 'massive' land/property deal that CY was 'negotiating' to sell to BIHL, that was first initiated on the 9th December 2010, and was announced in January when BIHL also requested that the shares be suspended pending an inportant announcement.

As has also been discussed before on here, this proposed deal between CY and BIHL was just one of a few deals where CY has proposed to sell one of his shell companies to BIHL, all of which have come to nothing.

The *Fantasy of Carscum Yeung and the Blousers holding company BIHL is coming more to the fore by the day, the now estimated monies owed by CY and BIHL is now thought to be in excess of 105 million and yes that is pounds. It certainly does look ,even forgetting the current charges pending against Carscum Yeung, that the football club formely known as Birmingham City could indeed cease to exist if their current fire sale does not raise in the region of 49 million pounds to cover debts raised by BIHL.

Also, if it is proved that money was indeed laundered using Birmingham City, then the football association would have no choice other than deducting 12 points from the said stated club.

Well I for one don't want to see em go out of business, but with the amounts been quoted, I for one can not see how they are going to stay afloat.

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Administration! A scary word for any football club/ supporter, but also a very realistic possibility this season for Birmingham City.

It is becoming more and more vital with every day that passes that the Blousers get off to a good start in order to get points on the board as early on as possible, because there is now a stark reality that they will go into administration this season and because of this will indeed have points deducted.

Indeed BIHL are frantically trying to service their large black hole of debt by selling their saleable items ie their best players, even with the sale of their best players, the shorfall on their debt is reckoned to be 70% of the total, and indeed it seems that all sales money is now dissapearing into China, and nothing seems to be filtering back through to their club. Indeed Birmingham as a club are trying to ascertain backing in other countries and as yet there are no takers, and indeed it seems that there will be no takers due to the large debt that the club find themselves in.

It is more than an odds on bet that BIHL/Birmingham City will find themselves in Administration just a few months into the new season.

Well if this happens which is more than odds on now, the powers that be were warned and had the warning signs about BIHL and Carscum Yeung and choose to sit by and watch it unfold.

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