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I agree with Stu that this season would probably be too soon for European football.

I can't argue that it would be brilliant to play against top sides from around Europe, make us attractive to new players and raise our profile but in the long run I am not so sure.

We've seen teams qualify in recent seasons (Wolves, Burnley, etc.) and their league form suffers. You have to play league games every Sunday and if you go in at the qualification stage you play a hell of a lot of games in the season. Our squad really wouldn't cope with that at the moment. We could make a lot of new signings but I think we have learned our lesson and are now targeting quality over quantity and we need to build a squad slowly, and one that is settled before that imo. 

I can't see the benefit of trying to make new signings settle quickly with European games but then be sucked into a relegation fight because we simply didn't have the squad to cope. 



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at the start of the season all i was praying for was at least a season where we didnt struggle in  another relegation fight, i think we have achieved that, my higher hopes were of a mid table finish, i think we shall achieve that to, but i do now find myself wanting to get higher, and that mid table is not enough, not to bothered about finishing in the top six this year, the reasons one of two of you have said above, a nice 7 or 8 finish i will be over the moon, then we need to get in quick and sign some good attacking players during the window, i f we can achieve all this, im more than happy for this season, then onwards and upwards. as the late john cash said, one piece at a time. 

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This has been a great season, but Europe was always going to be tough. Next season is going to really be exciting, this years transfers will be well and truly settled in, and there is no doubt that we will invest in real quality first team players to push us on to compete for Europe. At the moment we don't have the quality on the bench to change matches, next season that won't be the case. These are really fantastic times to be a Villa fan.

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