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EPL Thread, Season 2020-2021

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11/10/2020 : The Greed League, specifically the moneymen at Man United and Liverpool, are continuing their avaricious policies, see link below.

I have commented on their scheme in the Telegraph and I share my comment here.

One Person, One Vote - our basic democratic right. Now imagine if any Party proposed a return to old voting qualifications, e.g., being a householder, before you could vote. I doubt if such a Party would win many seats !
Yet here we have such a proposal for the EPL. It is totally out of order and deserves to be binned, along with the rest of this scheme, which is basically blackmail ... you need money, we have money, you can have some, but only on our terms.
I noticed a previous comment which suggested a one-off £250M tax on the EPL to pay for supporting football from grassroots up to and including the EFL. This would be a windfall tax, which has precedent (it has been applied to the Banks) and I (like the earlier commentator) think the Government should impose a windfall tax on the EPL too, for the purposes of supporting football cited above.
The earlier commentator is Si Thepie

Link : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/10/11/world-exclusive-man-utd-liverpool-driving-project-big-picture/



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14/10/2020 : As widely expected the notorious 'Project Big Picture' scheme has been rejected by the EPL at their meeting today. AVFC CEO Christian Purslow said this morning that there should be transparency in these matters ... rather than the surreptitious dealings that led to the PBP scheme.

Link : https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/12103872/premier-league-clubs-reject-project-big-picture-proposal-but-agree-bailout-for-league-one-and-two-clubs



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20/10/2020 : The swine are in the trough again ... and unlike the four-legged variety (think of bangers, bacon, butties), football, outwith their self selected few, can derive no benefit from their produce, not even an oink !

Link : https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12109289/european-premier-league-gary-neville-slams-timing-of-fifa-backed-tournament-talks-as-obscene


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