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English Championship

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English Championship


I would like to know and understand how the calendar for the English league is prepared, because unlike in France a team plays once away and the following day at home, while at home it does not happen like that.
Thank you for answering me

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03/09/2020 : Christophe, I have created my own Football League on my computer (years ago) and have experience of creating league fixtures.

Ideally the sequence for each team would be a Home Away or Away Home alternating sequence throughout the Season. However, that is mathematically impossible to achieve. The best that can be done is for all teams to have one of those alternating sequences, but with two consecutive Home and/or two consecutive Away fixtures interspersed.

The alternating sequence can be maintained with a 4 team league but problems arise with greater numbers, even if the teams in the division are sub-divided into 4 team blocks.

1} A v B  C v D = Home Away
2} B v C  D v A = Home Away
3} A v D  C v B = Home Away - reverse of game 2
4} B v A  D v C = Home Away - reverse of game 1

More problems arise if the number of teams in the division is not divisible by four !

Away from mathematics, having immediately reversed fixtures is not usually acceptable. It has only happened by design in England at Christmas and Easter and that was years ago.

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