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i really thought the Leicester game would be a confidence boost for all and would rekick start the season for our battle to stay in the premiership----reckon i was wrong!!



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i wont comment on this game as i didnt see it, but from what i have heard its the same old same old, not learning from our mistakes, that the fault of the coach, 

Personally I think it's to late, we've missed the opportunity to change manager and allow a new guy to make a couple of additions to an awful squad.  Nyland was mom in both legs against Leicester, his

I disagree. Ds does not but the players. Sisso does he has failed in his job to scout good talent ds. Is trying to get square pegs in round holes. . Our defence is the poorest in the division conceding 47 goals. Yet no one point the figure at our defensive coach me terry. . Really can’t blame it all on ds but agree he has a big part to play 

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