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2018/19 Championship - Matchday 34

Saturday, 23rd February 2019

Bet 365 Stadium, Stoke

Kick Off: 15.00 (UK Time)



"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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With what Smith has said in the mail over the last couple of days anyone who does want 4 4 2 can forget it. I have no clue why but I think we will win 1 0 today. I think we'll take the lead early on f

Can feel your frustration 100% mate. However, Villa Park has been toxic for a long time now. It has achieved nothing. We all love the Villa and all want the best regardless of our views. So why don't 

No McGinn no Jack no Axel no Lansbury and probably no Carroll----!! blimey can see anything but a defeat

if true that some have been told their future is not with Villa--then thats poor man management no wonder they aint bothering to break into a sweat----  and has sold us the fans very very short---we should get a refund of our season tickets--we are it seems only treading water until the season is over ----thats disgusting so early with 13 dam games left---



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Why oh why has it all gone so pear shaped,?

At the Hawthorns we looked a decent side-yesterday a dam spent force?

So many rumours going round also,-now that top6 has gone is Jack being kept back to play just the last 3\4 games to put him in the "window"  cos yesday Smithy said he is still with the physios and not training yet?wheres last week he was supposedly in training-- i dont get it anymore.



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Very worrying to have no McGinn and whatever little confidence Hourihane might have had will be shot to pieces. Ideally Ramsay could be eased in more and more even if from the bench initially, nothing to lose from giving him some time. 

I really can't understand why Davis hasn't been given some time, brings something different to the team going forward. 

In one sense playing away from home even in a tough place like Stoke is probably the best thing for the team at the moment. 

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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The sad thing about this whole situation down the villa is that the defence have looked a lot better the last couple of games. Hause played well saturday and Mings and Elphick are solid enough. Its the midfield thats now the issue. No Grealish or Mcginn means no creativity or fight. Id say play Ramsey again but im sure we have played him out wide in the u23s. Hopefully Carroll is fit and Whelan and Hourihane are professional enough to ignore the boos.

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EFL1 (Championship), Saturday 23/02/2019 : Stoke City v Aston Villa, KO 15:00 hours.

18/02/2019 : Like most folks I expect nothing from this match and my prediction reflects this.

Prediction (in Prediction League), made today : Stoke City 0-0 Aston Villa

Aston Villa's current 10 matches, AVFC are 10th in the Table.
Showing our opponents' League positions as at 18/02/2019 and results of games played.
Jan    12    SAT    A    27    Wigan Ath      L 0-3
Jan    19    SAT    H    28    Hull City      D 2-2
Jan    26    SAT    H    29    Ipswich T      W 2-1
Feb    02    SAT    A    30    Reading        D 0-0
Feb    09    SUN    H    31    Sheff Utd      D 3-3
Feb    13    Wed    A    32    Brentford      L 0-1
Feb    16    SAT    H    33    W B Albion     L 0-2
Feb    23    SAT    A    34    Stoke City      17th
Mar    02    SAT    H    35    Derby County     7th
Mar    10    SUN    A    36    Birmingham       9th



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Smith is Sarri in disquise!!

Too f**kin stubborn to change anything,settled with the same system,same personnel,believing if he keeps flogging it ,it will work!!

What is it? 13/14 games down the line still the same result?

Love the interviews of Smith and the amount of times he mentioned Brentford’s style,Brentford’s play,Brentford’s passing,with and without the ball etc! YES we understand your part in that,but what about all the other teams that have outplayed us,passed through us,been better with and without the ball!! Ffs does DS take credit for all them as well?!?!?

Quite a porky bullshitter our DS is becoming!

”the remit is still promotion “ ffs get a grip,play the under 23’s,get hammered with pride!!!

Get them tested for next season ,you Pleb!

Currently worse record than Bruce!!

but we beat the mighty Ipswich!!

Says it all!!

Lets be positive!!

a 3-0 win!!!😉


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