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Brentford 1-0 Aston Villa

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This is beyond a joke now. The football we play is no better than the previous 4 managers since Jack got injured. Our defence is ridiculously fragile. Constant long balls up to nobody, wayward passing all the time, no presence in midfield and don't even get me started on our wingers; none of them can f**cking cross!!!! 

433 is not working. It hasn't worked in how long? Ditch the formation and play some kids now. Playoffs are long, long gone. 


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Got what we deserved tonight, utter pile of crap.

Never showed up and never tried to win the game against a team lurking above the relegation zone.

How that 3-3 didn't give us some momentum and have us raring to go tonight I don't know but absolutely typical with this team.

Smith can't seem to work out any balance in his teams, it's either gung ho attacking 5-5 chaos or defensive gunk every bit as bad as we saw under Bruce.

"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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7 minutes ago, rogerstan said:

dear me,is it all worth it? so pathetic, no better than a sunday morning club side, brentford were there for the taking, but we just aint good enough,  i do despair, 


Don’t despair Roger!

weve got to give DS at least two seasons more to get it right 

by then he’ll  get us out of League 1!!



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EFL1 (Championship), Wednesday 13/02/2019 : Brentford 1-0 Aston Villa

I have seen nothing of this match apart from a couple of clips and Brentford's winner during the S0ccer Special. I count myself lucky. This result leaves AVFC in 10th, 7 points off the play-offs, but read that as 10 points as the teams above have a game in hand.

Attendance : 9,636 (SSN)



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too many lazy unintersted  unmotivated people wearing Claret and Blue( of a kind,)on that pitch too happy to stroll through the game pick up their mega bucks and dream probably whilst f*****g playing of the beach ---not dam good enough--

even McGinns looking a wee bit jaded ---that midfield is too too f*****g weak---Tammy again all by himself no help or support from Adomah El Ghazi Elmo  Green or Kodjia----i,m getting really pi****d off with the attitude of the majority of them!!  i really thought after the recovery on friday that  it would be a kick -start---how f****g stupid was that?

the top 6 spot has gone---time to put some out to pasture  start the rebuild for next season and prepare to hit the ground running,

oh and when the f*** will Jack be back?----not that it really matters all that much now!!!!!!!



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  • Larry-AV changed the title to Brentford 1-0 Aston Villa

Rebuilding takes time, its not going to happen in 1 january transfer window especially after the mess SB left us in, however, buggers look like they've given up already!!!! they clearly thought they'd be in with a chance of automatic promotion under the first 5 games of smiths tenure. Losing jack has hit this team hard, losing lansbury a few minutes later really didnt do us any favours either. Shite defence, no creativity, no heart, no fight, no hope. Id be putting some of those players out to pasture immediately, this season is done and dusted.  

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