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Brentford 1-0 Aston Villa

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37 minutes ago, avstu said:

He has had a lot of injury problems this year. That's what surprises me about the signing in the first place.

Reports are saying its a slight strain. So I guess it's one of those types of situations where he could probably play tomorrow but it risks making the strain worse. As for your comment about having a sneaky suspicion about grealish being back for the baggies, I have to stu. We'll mention that he'll be playing Friday to try and rustle a few feathers I put my money on it. 

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Bristol City are currently showing what is possible in this league if you can string a few wins together but we really are getting to the now or never stage for this season. A must win that will likely be another draw.

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we have lost both away games and flipping well drawn all 3 home games! so its now time for a change-- 

have a good day out and safe travels to all going----

as Dorset says its getting close to --now or never---to me looking at the table unless we get 3 points we will still be here next season--the gap between us and 6th spot is becoming too much,

Come On You Lions,

Brenford 2     AVFC 3



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13/02/2019 : The Feed2All stream for our match tonight has a virus (which my AVP blocked), so I will NOT be posting the link.

We have the SSN S0ccer Special for the goals 'as they go in' this evening.


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Kalinic  Hutton  Elphick  Mings  Hause    Whelan Hourihane  McGinn Adomah  Tammy El Ghazi


Steer  Ramsey  Elmo  Birkir  Green Jedi  Kodjia


Come On You Villa Boyzzz

is Davis injured or out of favour?---would have him on bench over Elmo and Jedi--



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Nice to see DS has picked a different formation and not the

4-1-4-1 his non working favourite!!

oh sh*t he hasn’t!!

Same subs as per usual NO youngsters,although I’m not a great fan of green,does he not deserve a run ? as cant be no worse than the rest!!

looking for an away point I guess!

its so unexciting!!

Hopefully we’ll get at least a strike on goal and win 1-0! 

Though im not full of hope!!



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Love how Brentford are being hyped as some all conquering team, when in reality their 18th in the championship.


More likely we are not very good, as we appear to struggle against any team we play against.

"the team may be sh*t, but they are our sh*t" boldfinger

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