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Steve Bruce


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I thank Steve Bruce for stabilising the club but his transfer policy has left us with about 20 players who play either right back, midfield or both, one centre back, with our other one out on bloody loan, one left back who isn't as good as the right back who now plays there and two new keepers who have been replaced by last seasons 3rd choice keeper.

We may not be too far adrift but its going to take a miracle worker to get this hugely unbalanced squad promoted.

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12 hours ago, freddy said:

Be good to meet up again Dorset---but what have the lads done wrong for you to subject them to the ongoing circus at B6?? must have really misbehaved lol,

if you fancy a beverage on the concourse before  kick off let me know,

safe travels man,




They haven't done anything wrong, but why wait they will at some point.

And yes a pint sound like a good idea.

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Wonder where he'll go now! don't think we'll see him again in 2018 it's been horrible year for him, can imagine take a bit of time off and return in 2019. It wasn't so long ago he was linked up to that new Miami team Beckham's created. Could he go there?

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