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Do you want promotion?


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Bruce ain't likely to turn us into Barcelona but he did stop us becoming Sunderland, his team played Wolves off the park and the players are heroes, the same players then give two pathetic performances and its all Bruce's fault.

No two jobs are alike for a manager....to stick with the building analogy, Espirito De Punto went into a doer upper at Wolves, where as Bruce turned up at a raging inferno with half the residents still pouring petrol on the smouldering embers.

I think Bruce deserves another season should we fail to go up, this club is a damn sight better than it has been for years, he's only been here 18 months and replacing him guarantees nothing. A bit of patience is required in my opinion.

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how anyone can compare bruce and mon is beyond me, mon is a premier league manager of the better quality, a manager who got us into the higher half of the top six of the prem, and even then he was berated by one or more of the guys on here, bruce is a championship manager at the best, if we do go up, and to me its a big if, he has to go, as far as going up this year? yes i would like to, but, i dont think we are good enough to stay there, it would be just another relegation battle, if you want that  thats your perogative, its not mine, 

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