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1 hour ago, chickenbaltipie said:

Sorted mine, the outbound was £9 with the £2 discount. Wouldn’t apply the £3 discount to the return as I think it needs to be £15 or more. Found a discount for the skyscanner app ‘SKYTRAIN’ which adds 2 £2 discounts and one of them was applied to my return for £12 so £21 return altogether, don’t mind that.

Did a little research on TrainPal to see if it’s legit first as I’d never heard of it, same company that operates SkyScanner.

So what you saying chicken skytrain and train pal are both run by Skyscanner. I've had a look on Google Play Store and can't find any app called SKYTRAIN. Although on my phone I've got the skyscanner app and trainpal which as you say is the train section of the flight app skyscanner. Both came up as £25 for Preston but trainpal are doing  a 5 , 15 or 20  quid discount of your train ticket. Depending on your luck. When you open the app up and go to the offers you have to press click me and that tells you if you got 5,  15 or 20 off.  I got a fiver , but if you're lucky you could get a £25 train ticket for a fiver 



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Hop on board  

Great deal for season ticket holders going to away matches on the train.

In a fantastic initiative  that I don't think has been announced yet .

Avfc have linked up with Virgin Trains to give Aston Villa season ticket holders 20% discount on train tickets. 

Just follow this link


I used it this morning,  Preston away was £21 return. With the discount I bought 2 return  tickets for £16.80 each. 


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