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I thought there would be a thread for Villa Park, but no (!) ... so here goes.

In response to a question on my Rangers forum about the capacity of Villa Park, Google did find an AVF thread from 2012, started by JustRich, but that was a closed thread.

Anyway, from my Rangers Forum (after the match against Huddersfield, attendance 34,924), Q & A :

theworthinger Wrote:
Decent attendance though.
What's the capacity at villa park?

Figures vary, Wiki = 42,785 - "with a seating capacity of 42,682" ... the difference might refer to space for disabled fans. The one place where I could not find a definite figure was on the AVFC website !!! :doh:

The total capacity of Villa Park is currently reduced due to the moronic closure of the Upper Trinity, 3,500 capacity.

The club’s home since 1897, the ground sits in the shadow of the Jacobean stately home Aston Hall and has evolved over the years into a magnificent all-seated arena with a capacity of more than 42,000.  And it has done so without ever losing its charm. - AVFC website.

AVFC - About Villa Park




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I can't agree with the idea of closing the Upper Trinity being moronic Larry. 

From what I can see and have heard from other fans is that it makes the stadium quite full and the atmosphere has been greatly improved as a result. I notice a lot of Huddersfield fans were praising the atmosphere last night. 

If we need to open it for bigger games then great but I must say it seems to be a good idea so far. 

Villa Park was soulless atmosphere wise for some time but there is signs of life this year which is great. 


"This is not possible. What McGrath is doing is just not possible with the amount of preparation that he's had."

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I still think it could have been filled with free tickets to schools / kids football teams, or free tickets to anyone living withing a 2 mile radius of the ground. It would have been an investment making kids under 14 Villa fans for life and help to get more of the  local Pakistani community involved in supporting their local club.   For the meantime why not cover the empty seats with large flags such as that one that goes above fans heads just before kick off in the lower holte,  Anyway  i do think it has helped create a better atmosphere for the first 2 home games with the crowd being more compact , but inevitably it will be opened for the big games against blues / wolves etc , or if we are near the top challenging and on an unbeaten run , saying that , i think it will be open in a few weeks for the Newcastle match


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Was always loads of tickets so made sense to close it.  But as patrick says it will be open this season a few different times.  I wouldn't think Newcastle is one of those matches.  but maybe.  


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9 hours ago, Patrick said:

The top tier of the Trinity Road Stand will be open on Boxing day for the visit of Burton Albion , 

Bloody hell ,,,,,,,,just had a look and there is only limited availability left  in nearly all areas of the ground ,,,ALREADY, , no wonder they are opening the upper trinity , ,,maybe burton have sold their allocation and are buying tickets all over the ground to intimidate us ,,,many Villa fans can't make this match , its boxing day ,, no buses , no trains , yet its looking like a near 38 thousand capacity sell out , or what ever the ground holds now ,,, I am holding back , not sure if i need 2 , 3 or 4 tickets at the moment , hope i don't leave it too late




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