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Don't know who'l care but after Three years of looking for a job, finally got one Today!

Celebrating with a Q of cheese tonight. F***ing Bang on!

:in other news, managed to get enough cash to order a season ticket this year. K4.

can't wait for the season to begin UTV!

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Good question. Not sure there's anything overly exciting I really want to do that I haven't done already, apart from marry you at the Addies and live happily ever after under the Holte, obviously...

I forgot to mention! After reading this post this afternoon I was in the garden and heard chickens in my neigbours garden. I pooped my head over the fence to see 6 chickens happily clucking around th

Is there anything those barbaric Kanajun colonist,webbed fingered,inbreds wont do to wash the seal blood off their hands?Still I suppose,once you bash the poor little seal buggers skulls in,what's lef

This is the kind of drivel i normal turn off, card tricks yawn, but this guy has something special, i told the guys i work with about it and got a very sceptcal answer, till they all watched it the week after.....great program

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It's brilliant some of the stuff he does is crazy.

But sky+ ruins some of the magic because once he's done a trick you can rewind it and see how he does some of them. But then some are just stupid like moving that womans tan like. Lol


When I was just a little boy i asked my mother what shall i beee.

Shall i be villa shall i be blues, Here's what she said to me......


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While I was on chat with Scott1888 and IKDJ nad a few others,Scott1888 said I look like a cabbage patch kid and I really do.


Just add some spiky hair and a few years and there you go.

LMAO :roll:



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Nice one bud!

It can hard being out of work and tough to take at times - Well Done mate!!! :thumbsup:

Had been outta work myself sinc Jan., after 17yrs of continuous employment, but recently setup on my own and trying to make a go of it :wacko:


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