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Good question. Not sure there's anything overly exciting I really want to do that I haven't done already, apart from marry you at the Addies and live happily ever after under the Holte, obviously...

I forgot to mention! After reading this post this afternoon I was in the garden and heard chickens in my neigbours garden. I pooped my head over the fence to see 6 chickens happily clucking around th

Is there anything those barbaric Kanajun colonist,webbed fingered,inbreds wont do to wash the seal blood off their hands?Still I suppose,once you bash the poor little seal buggers skulls in,what's lef

man celeb big brother starts thursday,you have my sympathies mate.

thanks for reminding me id rather have some sort of flesh eating disease than have watch that p*ss again honestly man ive more charm & charisma in my hairy ball sack than these fame hungry wag wannibe's sometimes i wish our nation was more like good ol communist north korea they wouldnt put up that sh1t if it was up to me see these big brother contestants etc id fire them all in a large pot & boil the b*stards to death then feed them to the dogs the c*nts


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+1 from me.

Your sister and her mate get a +1 from me........happy new year you scandanavian perv.......

chinated.gif soccer90x90.gif funny_soccer.gif

when your up to your nuts in alligators...It's hard to concentrate and remember your initial task was to drain the swamp

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