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Relegation Thread!


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In light of Sherwood's comments in March and after spending 50+m did you expect us to be in the bottom three and I've seen no-one stating we should be in Europe.

I still have a hard time beleiving that any manager would not struggle if they got rid of 10 players and added 12 in...... Thats a massive turn over. Do you think a normal business would struggle with turnover like that? Absolutely. I'm not ready to hit the panic button just yet.


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Good post mate and saying what had to be said. I would add to that if we are still in the bottom three by Christmas then he should be sacked to give a new manager a transfer window to bring in his own players. We still need another forward, a RB, a solid DM and a bad ass CB.

Add a keeper to that list. Sherwood spent a lot of money on players the majority of whom, to date anyway, are no better than what we already had.

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A net spend of 9.8 million.

A complete overhaul of the club.

12 new players in.

Our managers first full season in charge.

We open a relegation thread after 7 games.

I know we all have concerns but GET REAL. FFS.

2 wins and we are on the edge of Europe I wish some people would put the daggers away for a bit and give Tim and the team a chance to get it right because guess what they are here to stay !!!

You can't see the eyes of the demon......'till him come callin'

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this sounds like censorship , presumably you dont like implied criticism , no criticism allowed ?

half a dozen games in and talking relegation

bit negative for me to be honest

critisise by all means, but not relegation

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Every team should have a 'Relegation' thread because until it is mathematically impossible, any team could get relegated.

I remember back in 1981 Ron Saunders replying to a reporter's question on Aston Villa's prospects in a post-match interview, when AVFC had passed the mathematical mark, 'At least we cannot get relegated'.


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When can i start to worry ?

I hope the optimists amongst us are proved right over the coming weeks, i was doing the same 3 years ago under Lambert...give him time, new players blah blah blah always pointing out the reasons to remain optimistic and i was wrong, i have a nasty feeling that this isn't going to suddenly turn around this time either, i just hope i'm consistent and am wrong again.

Tim has my backing but i can't find it in me to have blind faith, if that makes me fickle so be it.


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