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Premier League 2014/15 Thread


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i think he is the best out and out striker in the world..pisses all over Suarez imo!

And its so funny how liverpool are failing again! we all knew it, they were a one man team!

Aguero's only real weakness is his fitness. If he played week in and week out, he would be deadly.

"Lions roar, not whimper. You're the hunters, not the hunted. Now get out there to f*ck and bring home the points because if you don't bring home the bacon you get treated like a pig. Pigs belong in the sty and that shithole's down the road. We're the pride of Birmingham so FFS make Brum proud tonight." -AnneMc

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EPL 09/11/2014 : Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Stoke City

I saw most of this game on a stream, Stoke deserved their win, Tottenham were ropey and disjointed.

One other point.

Late in the 2nd half, Danny Rose and a Stoke player tumbled and had a spat by the goaline.

Rose reacted to this but ... no red cards, just a lecture to both players from the referee.


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The point is spurs are dreadful and we should of won apart from slack defending and benteke getting sent off - shows how dire we are though!



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Just one of our January 2015 matches has been moved by SKY, Arsenal (Away).

Skysports - Sky Sports reveals Premier League live games in January

Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur, Saturday, January 10, 5.30pm
Arsenal v Stoke City, Sunday, January 11, 1.30pm
Manchester United v Southampton, Sunday, January 11, 4pm
Newcastle United v Southampton, Saturday, January 17, 5.30pm
West Ham United v Hull City, Sunday, January 18, 1.30pm
Manchester City v Arsenal, Sunday, January 18, 4pm
Everton v West Bromwich Albion, Monday, January 19, 8pm
Chelsea v Manchester City, Saturday, January 31, 5.30pm
Arsenal v Aston Villa, Sunday, February 1, 1.30pm
Southampton v Swansea City, Sunday, February 1, 4pm


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Our January EPL games have escaped BT Sport, but we may be caught in the FA Cup.

BT Sport - BT Sport bolster packed January line-up

Manchester City v Sunderland, Thursday January 1, 3pm
Tottenham v Chelsea, Thursday January 1, 5.30pm
Sunderland v Liverpool, Saturday January 10, 12.45pm
Hull City v Newcastle United, Saturday January 31, 12.45pm

BT Sport's live FA Cup games for January 2015:

Third Round - Weekend of January 3/4
Fourth Round - Weekend of January 24/25


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