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What's your excuse for CR/Portugal in euro '12, WC '10, Euro '08, etc.....if CR can shine with Carrick he should shine with any of those Portugal squads. I'm not down on CR. I think he and Messi are the two best players in the world, they have the silverware to prove it, but both lack achievements at the international stage.

I just won't slate Messi because it's the thing to do now. Short memories by some simply because FIFA threw him a gift. This debate doesn't even happen had FIFA rightfully given that award to James Rodriguez.

Didn't say ronaldo has got a decent international career. But the debate started because Fifa did throw messi a gift and he didn't deserve it


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Portugal are sh*t dude, and he was injured at this world cup, to the point where he really shouldn't have played.

Think about it this way; Barcelona are set up for messi, he's had the likes of Xavi and iniesta behind him for years, two of the best central midfielders of all time. Ronaldo had the likes of Carrick at United, but was still world class

Portugal have better CM's then Argentina though, Mascherano is a DM and doesnt set up play, Portugal have Moutinho

Ronaldo had Scholes and Giggs supplying him not Carrick as he is a DM

Ronaldo and Messi both need others to make them work though but Messi is on another level to Ronaldo

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