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2009-2010 New Kits


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Crickey that Arsenal kit is horrid and what worries me is its the same kit designer we have i hope we dont get some random colours for our away kit next season. Also i dont think this will help in getting Arsenals Discipline in check i just look at that kit and think of the Hulk saying you wouldnt like me when im angry. few more Gooners being sent of next year me thinks

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i doubt we'd get green, there seems to be a trend of nike picking older colours, villa's 82 away, man utd had a 50's/60's style one a few season back also, now aresnals 80's... if our past record with away kits counts for anything then i think we have a good chance of seeing a yellow away kit next year... bring back the lace tie neck i say



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i liked last seasons away shirt white with thin blue stripes, it was nice for the summer.

Arsenal had the blue/green combo in the 80s


it didnt work then and it dont work now lol hope the shorts have improved!

Haha they blend in with the grass!

I thought it was hard to see Chelsea with their black kit on Saturday!

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i am not a fan of all black kit, gives the impression there are a bunch of referees running around

and thats never a good thing

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