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Fabian Delph


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He's staying. Was he ever going? We don't know and he shouldn't be vilified because he may have considered a move. The Thought Police was but a figment of Orwell's imagination.


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I must be part of the 1% Morph. It must be such a struggle to survive on £60,000 per week. Gone are the days when players wanted to play for the name of the club. They Follow the Money. I stick by my original comments that have been the same all along. Delph is an average player. He needs to find some extra skills and mature pretty quick, because I can't see him hanging onto that Captains badge. And let's remember one thing, he was considering moving even though he says "He loves the Villa". No doubt I will get some stick for this, but I don't think Delph is as good as some people say he is. I'm not bothered if he stays or goes.

I am in total agreement with the last three lines of your post and I too have been consistent in that opinion.

I don't think he is as important to us as some imply. You only have to look at his stats or watch with the naked eye to substantiate that opinion but because our midfield has been so poor since Barry, Milner and Petrov left he is currently our best midfield player but hopefully that is going to change before the summer window closes?

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When Gerrard was considering Chelsea and decided against the move no one questioned his loyalty to Liverpool.

In fact it made him more of a hero

Steven Gerrard spent 17 seasons with Liverpool. Chelsea actually made an offer for him with £100,000 per week. I believe this was there second offer. He turned them down because of his love for LFC. There has never been an offer for Delph before he signed his new contract or after. Basically, nobody was willing to make it official. IMO Delph and his agent are the ones who instigated this. As Anne said, we will never know but I am still uneasy with Delph and would have preferred an outright "I am not interested in leaving Aston Villa". Instead we had weeks of waiting for him to put pen to paper and many Villa fans upset that he may or not be leaving. If he is staying he has a lot to prove.


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