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i'm looking for three players a striker hopefully ashton or santa cruz or Even Huntelaar cant see that one but well who knows

a Midfielder still think we are short here and need a midfield maestro

And a defender one to replace Laursen and Knight as someone who will give competition to Davies and Cuellar

Could not agree with you more Steve. We defo need a centre forward and midfield maestro. We should not need a centre half as we have 4 but they don't look too steady for me sometimes. 3 is what we should be expecting i think if we are to push for 4th.

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hope we dont just have doyle this is no competion for places we need a top striker to push carew and gabby because harewood couldn't push a door open never mind a starting place carew and gabby won't fireus to where we want to be so spend the dosh and move us on please VILA TIL I DIE !!!!!! worth a punt on owen if all else fails

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Who are Vila ? :unsure:


Championeeeeee Championeeeee Olee Oleee Oleeeee

You need people like me so people like you can point your fcuking fingers and say there's the bad guy

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Birmingham Mail believe we are trying to go through with THREE more deals today..

MARTIN O’Neill was in the process of trying to thrash out as many as three transfers today with West Ham having put a £15million price tag on striking target Dean Ashton

O’Neill ideally wants to add two strikers to his numbers with just three senior forwards on his books.

He has a long-standing interest in Reading’s Kevin Doyle who scored a hat-trick at the weekend whilst Swedish striker Henrik Larsson is now available from Helsignborgs but has attracted interest from Everton and Arsenal.

O’Neill is also after full-back cover and he expects to be working right up until the midnight deadline.

He said: “We are still looking. We have got a few enquiries to make and we are seeing if we can still do anything.

“One or two thoughts that we had last week may yet come to fruition, but I was delighted to get James Milner in and if I could get a bit more cover in to take us through then I would do that.”

The Irishman says he “cannot be sure” of finalising any of his last day moves.

“Whether anything materialises or not I wouldn’t be sure.

“We have some calls in that we made last week.

“Some clubs said they would get back to us today. The timing is tight.

“If things don’t materialise - and they are probably more likely not to - we will not be disappointed.

“We could just do with getting one or two people in.”

O’Neill says short term deals are also an option.

“The loan market is still a possibility”, he said.

“We’ve got some games coming up and we will be going steadily at it between now and Christmas, so it is a case of making sure - if we can - that we can see this period through.

“We can get another three players in and get injury problems. We might not get anyone else but might be okay.”


"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." - Paul Bryant

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i would have to agree stu, there is little to no talk of us making any moves, i would be suprised if we made any major signings now, i do have a feeling we might bring in another salifou type tho that will take a season to see the bench...

EDIT* lol just seen ur post from the birmingham mail... so i guess i take back what i say.. but who knows, lol



XBOX Gamertag : VillAlMiGhtY

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