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Your posts should come with a health warning for people with a tendency for depression

Mate I'm 37 and apart from some good moments over the years it's been a roller coaster watching supporting Villa but I wouldn't have it any other way. I can hold my head up and say I'm no glory hunter

We are currently the worst team in the prem.No more excuses for Lambert.If any Villa fan really believes he can change things around,God help us! Im tired of hearing "young team Bull,Learner got to in

My (well, not mine) final words for this match:

Paul Lambert: "But I was happy with the effort and commitment of the lads. I couldn´t fault them for that".

´nuff said. He is like a broken record.

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I'm glad you mentioned Bruce, look at the job he is doing with Hull first season up and they haven't spent huge amounts!
We could never had had him mate ,, the ignorant ones would have crucified him because of his blues past


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got off to a flier----one up good goal too, ---then we sat back let them come onto us---and the inevitable happened!!!

an improvement on Thursday --but could,nt get much worse,---

why dont we go for the second goal---they actually seemed amazed to be in front!!!

anyone see who Gabby ran to on the bench?----it sure were,nt lambo.

thought The Holte got behind the boyz today--but obviously could be better, tried to hurry the boyz to go for the winner--but they were,nt having it!!

Swansea did us completely on the footballing front---still hoofball with Gabby as striker????????

decent crowd 37000+ with 3000 visiting fans.

Gabby was sponsors MOM,---fair enough!!



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Nasty rumours going round that a Villan was stabbed and another beaten in front of his child....anyone else heard this??
I was told this from an unreliable source, where did you here it mate ?


Championeeeeee Championeeeee Olee Oleee Oleeeee

You need people like me so people like you can point your fcuking fingers and say there's the bad guy

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I read that Swansea had 76% of the ball! Long ball up the field to counter is not the answer. Gabby is far better when the ball is crossed into the area for him to nip in and finish off. He worked fantastic when he played with Carew and 2 wingers. Why can't Lambert see that his formation is not working. I can't understand why he doesn't give Helenius a start. It looks to me that we don't have any options up front. We are hoping to score, not creating to score. Let's hope Gabby keeps his attitude and doesn't get too disheartened. That guy is an absolute Legend. Pity the rest aren't like him.


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