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Aston Villa 0 Crystal Palace 1


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You can change your socks, pants and even your wife, but you can't change your football team. V.T.I.D.

This site has more drama queens in it than a gay club!!! Lol

I agree Westwood is a fine young player with a decent future but if we don't put our best team out then we don't have any depth at all which is what worries me.

^Wiziwig provides stream, StreamKing at the moment, worked well first half. I´ve found every match this season via Wiziwig.

But... Two poor teams = very poor first half. We just can´t do NOTHING what comes to attack ! Must say, that my patience is just about to run out. Game after game just same boring stuff.

Something must be done, this can´t go on. On the positive side, Bannan still sucks.

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Luna off thankfully. Shocking defender.

"Lions roar, not whimper. You're the hunters, not the hunted. Now get out there to f*ck and bring home the points because if you don't bring home the bacon you get treated like a pig. Pigs belong in the sty and that shithole's down the road. We're the pride of Birmingham so FFS make Brum proud tonight." -AnneMc

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