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Barclays Premier League Talk 2013-14


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Tempted to send LFC an email asking where they stand on some of the terms they have omitted.

To whom it may concern.........where do you stand on wops, frogs, krauts, camel shaggers, sheep shaggers, fudge nudgers, rug munchers and blue noses ?

Yours Sincerely

A fat b**tard.

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Tempted to send LFC an email asking where they stand on some of the terms they have omitted. To whom it may concern.........where do you stand on wops, frogs, krauts, camel shaggers, sheep shaggers, fudge nudgers, rug munchers and blue noses ? Yours Sincerely A fat b**tard.
:-) :-)


"Look at the Holte End, listen to the Holte End"

Gary Mowbray BBC MOTD Aston Villa 1 - Chelsea 0

Saturday 15th March 2014


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The Premier League predictions


With the lack of transfer activity coming from them at the moment, there squad really looks weak especially at the back plus up front they don't have the goalscorers. If they can bring Suarez then maybe he'll solve there problems upfront, but like i say there defensive line doesn't look that strong. We say this every season but keep getting proved wrong, Arsenal will struggle to get into the top four this season.

Position: 6th

Cardiff City

Well the good thing about Cardiff is they have got money to spend plus they have got plenty of experience in the team with likes of Peter Whittingham, Craig Bellamy & Fraizer Campbell who have all played at that level. I don't think it's going to be an easy ride for them, i can see them struggling away from home but i can them getting some key draws at home. I think they'll survive

Position: 16th


Well Jose is back and immediately they think he's going to be a success, how many times have returns work out? Graham Taylor returning to Villa, Daglish returning to Liverpool, Keegan returning to Newcastle... for the me the idea of returning to an old name is a huge back step, i also don't think Mourinho was that great at Chelsea as some of them make out. Did he win the champions league? But anyway i can still see them title contenders but i can also see them slipping here and there. Mourinho is a different man since he was last there and his Madrid spell may have a changed him a little.

Position: 2nd

Crystal Palace

I think Palace may struggle at first, but i believe eventually Palace will find there feet. Holloway likes playing attacking football and as we seen with is Blackpool of 2010 which was narrowly relegated. That type football can cause trouble to many teams. Myself i think Palace may just survive, they've got some good fast paced players in that team that may keep them up.

Position: 17th


When it was announced that Moyes was going to leave Everton, you could argue it was good for both parties. Over the last ten years Everton became the almost team, Moyes just couldn't get an 100% season, Everton would only seem to come alive around Christmas and from then on they'd have a good run which would see them finish sixth. Maybe they needed somebody that could give them that big push. So they go for Martinez!?, the guy that just got Wigan relegated! fair enough he recently won the fa cup with them plus kept them up for the last three seasons with a small budget but i mean really?!, Do Everton really believe that Martinez will is the man to take them forward!?. What can we expect from Everton then? well my guess Martinez won't muck about with the squad much, he'll try and keep the unit the same but might attempt to try and change there style of play. Which i think could be Martinez's downfall. I think they'll struggle!

Position: 15th


Oh dear! I'm going to come out with it straight away and say Fulham will go down, there is nothing in that squad that looks creative. Defending and scoring will be a problem for them this season!

Postion: 18th

Hull City

I think Hull are capable of a few surprises but i just feel scoring goals will be a problem, also there isn't enough of experience in that squad. Bruce likes to play negative, spoiling tactics which i don't believe will keep you in the premier league. Relegation i'm afraid.

Position: 19th


Going towards the end of last season, we seen alot of potential in the Liverpool squad. The attacking football we seen Rodgers play at Swansea was slowly being incorporated into the Liverpool team and you must say it looks lethal. Rodgers i think will prove the Liverpool fans wrong this year and i believe they will finish in the top four this season! even without Suarez!

Position: 4th

Manchester City

In some ways the sacking of Mancini was pretty harsh, he won them both the fa cup and the league within in three years! but i'm afraid is antics going towards the end of last season didn't do him any favours, which clearly showed in that Fa Cup final. A change was needed and Man City could go for anyone they want, even Mourhino would have been interested and i do believe he would be more successful at city than at Chelsea. Instead they go for Pelegrini, who as never managed or played in the premier league or in england. I've got to say i believe if you want to be successful in england you must have some experience of the english game, as Pelegrini won't understand the slight slowness in the english style of play. On the season itself, i don't think the morale is great in the camp to be honest. I think there is simply to many big names that are starting to get sick of the sight of each other. I do believe this was the time of change needed to revamp the squad and bring in some footballers that are hungry and attack minded at the moment your looking at Mancini's flop squad. They'll struggle to make the top four this season

Position: 5th

Manchester United

Well where to start, without doubt it is going to be difficult for any manager to replace Fergie. For me though the only way forward for Man U was to bring someone else in with fresh ideas, new tactics, own style and put there own mark on the team. Instead they've gone for someone who they think is similar to Fergie, but is that what they really want? Even though Fergie as build a strong squad for next few seasons do they really want someone who is basically pretending to be Fergie! No this was job for someone is successful in europe and as got a trophy cabinet full instead they go for David Moyes? as he ever played or managed in europe?... NO! did he win a single medal at Everton?... NO! (apart from a fa cup runners up medal) but they seriously think Moyes is the man to take them forward! Good god! Judging by there pre season it looks like it isn't an happy camp, seems like to me with Fergie gone the discipline as gone and few players think they can do whatever they want. Moyes as got his work cut out! We'll if moyes wants to make is mark on the team it's going to take a few seasons!

Position: 3rd

Newcastle United

Last season was hugely disappointing season for Newcastle, with all the cracking players they had they couldn't even finish in the top half of the season. I didn't help with Padrew being given an eight year contract! well i don't think they'll be as poor as last season but it won't be far.

Position: 13th

Norwich City

Norwich started the season off quite strong last season, but going towards the end of last they really did look poor. They just couldn't simply score! i can see that problem continuing onto next season. Plus i'm not convinced with there defending. Going to be disaster i'm afraid.

Position: 20th


I've got to say Southampton really impressed me last season, they got the goals they needed plus they defended pretty well. It was a shock that Adkins was sacked, but it appears that this new guy can really push them forward. I can see the saints being the surprise team this season, top ten i think!

Position: 8th

Stoke City

A change was certainly needed at the end of last season. Pulis grew stale at Stoke City with his negative rugby tactics, it was about time Stoke played football they had the players but just not being played properly. An attacking manager was needed, myself i thought they'd go for MON but instead they went for a really shock appointment in Mark Hughes, blimey didn't they see his last job! Hughes is the most overrated manager in the country! Well in some ways i can see him being a step forward from Pulis but i don't think much. I can see them starting of brightly but being sucked into the relegation battle right at the end of the season.

Position: 14th


Despite being thrashed by us i seen potential in Sunderland under Di Canio, MON went to Sunderland blind without Robertson and i think he simply didn't know what he was doing! Di Canio as now came in and got them playing in the right way. They have been busy so far this summer and i think it'll pay off! a much better season top ten!

Position: 9th

Swansea City

I'll keep this brief but i believe Swansea will have a similar season to last, they still look strong as last

Position: 7th

Tottenham Hotspur

I've had some stick about thinking Spurs will win the premier league and i do believe they will, Villas-Boas is a clever manager without pressure and i believe we'll see what he's capable of this season. Providing he manages to keep Bale and being able to spend this summer! Spurs for the title!

Position: 1st

West Brom

Without Lukaku i can see West Brom with a few problems, i can see them having a really poor start and being involved in a relegation battle. However i can see them having a good end to the season!, Anelka will pay off for them.

Position: 12th

West Ham United

Like Swansea i think they'll have a similar season to last but i'm not sure they'll find the net much this term.

Position: 11th



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So Villa finish 10th? like the sound of that, but Citeh finishing 5th and Spuds winning the title are very interesting possibility!

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