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Roll on X factor ,,, this international football is a load of boring shite

i suppose this will be next year lol  

Hahhahaha good point mate , even villa

Yeah Sofa, typical English fans...sore losers!

1 hour ago, Larry-AV said:

Just for the record.

Saturday 06/02/2016 : United States of America 1-0 Canada

Thanks, Larry. :lol:

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5 hours ago, Dimitri said:

usa are quite a decent team tbf well they should be with 300m population lol good to see Canada getting into football lately being a hockey nation, ye just never know they could make a WC tournament in the future just look at New Zealand in 2010,anythings possible

We're getting there mate.  If we can get through this round of qualifying we have a chance.  Our chances though really rest on what we do against Mexico we play them home and away in March I believe.  If we can draw both those that would be great.... Or even sneak a win... but i doubt that.  But if we through this qualifying we go to the final 6 qualifying.  In this round robin the top 3 go to the World Cup.  The 4th goes into a play off against Oceania where the highest ranked team is New Zealand at like 140. Our aim should be 4th as I doubt we;d get above that.  Our last qualifier for 2014 was against Honduras where we lost 8-1.  We played them in our first meaningful one for 2018 and we beat them 1-0.  So we've come leaps and bounds.  football Canada has stated they are aiming to make one of the next 3 world cups and have set up better academies and youth teams etc.  We can dream.... 


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International break, March 2016.

These are the matches and KO times for our Home countries.

Wednesday, 23/03/2016 : Gibraltar 19:00 Liechtenstein

Thursday, 24/03/2016

Czech Republic 19:45 Scotland
Wales 19:45 Northern Ireland

Friday, 25/03/2016 : Ireland (ROI) 19:45 Switzerland

Saturday, 26/03/2016 : Germany 19:45 England

Monday, 28/03/2016

Northern Ireland 19:45 Slovenia
Ukraine 19:00 Wales

Tuesday, 29/03/2016

England 20:00 Netherlands
Gibraltar 19:00 Latvia
Ireland (ROI) 19:45 Slovakia
Scotland 20:00 Denmark - SKY



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On ‎23‎/‎03‎/‎2016 at 3:24 PM, SofaSupporter said:

im actually taking the young lad to watch ire v the swiss. though i may get my wish of watching celtic after all this year too. they have a pre season at the aviva with barca :D

god help that celtic defence against Neymar/messi/saurez lol,..f*ck it were only here for the party:drunk



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