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  1. Live round the corner from Farcroft and it is terrible mate. Red Lion is good as is the Vine but only for the chicken imo.Soho tavern is better as is the Grove (11 straight to perry barr) but pricey overall
  2. Barrel is decent but if you do get a chance to go for food at Soho Tavern, dont turn it down mate, lovely food
  3. Soho Tavern or The Barrel?
  4. Dont get why Bacuna is preferred to Hourihane. Would have been good to see Green in the squad, guess he isnt quite ready yet
  5. Would have had this as a banker but having Harry as the blues gaffer does worry me. Hope Bruce reverts back to basics with all the lads back. 2-1 Villa Hogan winner
  6. Hope the club help him through any issues he may have. This guy is talented and will deliver imo
  7. Pretty much
  8. With 3 cbs you need one cb who is comfortable on the ball and can then bring it forward but with us playing Jedinak they would come in each others way. Never going to work with the players we have
  9. Harry Redknapp has been appointed manager at Blues
  10. Yes mate, as a DM he i still think he is a good player and think he could do it in the prem aswel
  11. Gana and Sanchez. Would mean there would be no need for Gardner and Bacuna. That would be a solid group of midfielders.
  12. Green is still comin back and Taylor apparently had a knock on his groin. Amavi is terrible at LB
  13. Mendes with another. Reading 2-1 up
  14. He needs to prove next year he is worth keeping hold of. Younger lads like Green and Murphy will end up going past him. Still a little early to get rid imo