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  1. I don, think Delph is world class , I think he is average but looks good against the rest of our midfield. Gabby did try but was ineffective as he had no space to work with. The only chance he got he had to make himself, no midfield creativity.
  2. 0-2 Swansea. The players feel the poor vibes from the crowd now. We can't create because the midfield are scared to cross the halfway line as they are worried about the defence. We have no width. Gabby is useless in the middle as he gets no space to run into. Weimann runs out of gas after 75 minutes. Delph looks world class because the rest of the midfield looks championship level. Our current backline would struggle in the championship. Benteke, Bent, JPA, McInally, Withe, Gray, Lochhead, Waring or Hampton could not score regularly as our current midfield never play a killer pass. Al
  3. Normally I would say we could get something out of this game but after Anfield this season they will be well up for it.
  4. Eight home games left; Newcastle - must win West Ham - draw Man City - loss QPR - must win Liverpool = loss Fulham - must win Sunderland - must win Chelsea - loss That gives us 33 points. Must win away at Reading and Wigan (last game) and possibly a draw at stoke. That gives us 40 points and an awful goal difference. Do you think we can do it............... and will it be enough?
  5. The owner has lowered the wage bill, lowered the expectation and is lowering the club. McLeish and Lambert accepted the poison chalice and must also shoulder blame if we get relegated. I think Lambert can do a good job but the premiership is not the place to totally rebuild with in-experienced players. My money is now on 23 home games next year. RL has reaped what he has sown.
  6. Spot on, London prices don't work in Brum Even the nosers have to pay big money not just away fans.
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