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  1. A return for gabby on Sunday then? No better player to score a winner against the inbreds
  2. I come up to games from Worcester, but I'm bringing the Mrs to this one so I just thought we could find somewhere after, never mind
  3. Anybody know of anywhere near the ground doing fireworks Saturday night? All I seem to be able to find is Edgbaston
  4. I think it's men utd, a cancer charity
  5. Dr ton went back to Rome to drop off Di matteo Now we've got a manager who looks like a potato
  6. Anyone going to the sacred heart before the game?
  7. We won't be playing them
  8. Chuffed we're playing Worcester
  9. Sounds fair to me
  10. Renewed mine too, £14 a match and a free cup game. Bargain if you ask me