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  1. Grealish in the papers again

    In other news a bloke when out on a Saturday night and showed up for work Monday.  Biggest non story ever
  2. Everton 4 Aston Villa 0

    Well.........  That didn't go exactly how I expected it.  Tough  I saw a tweet that put it into perspective.  If we'd been bummed 4-0 by Man City and then had a draw 0-0 against Everton we would all not be too bothered by comparison to how most are today.  
  3. Relegation Thread!

    I don't care.  After a session it tastes great 
  4. The Walking Dead POSSIBLE SPOILERS

  5. Everton 4 Aston Villa 0

    Fancy us tomorrow.  First 3 points since August here we come! 
  6. Relegation Thread!

    Who wants to eat healthy and stay fit when lager, cigs and kebabs taste so damn good 
  7. Get those predictions in! 

  8. International Football

    Canada with a draw in El Salvador.  Did not watch the match as was working but we have been notoriously awful down that way for years so I feel like a draw is a good point for us.  Our Group sits as follows Mexico 6 pts Canada 4pts El Salvador 1 pt Honduras 0   End of March we have Mexico home and away during the same break.  Draws in both matches would be great.  But I have my doubts of us getting anything in Mexico.  A draw is Crucial at home. 
  9. Everton 4 Aston Villa 0

    Finally...... the league is back
  10. Arsenal home game date change,

    Spot on.  Our club's can't take all this money and not expect something to happen.  Yeah it messes with the supporters but thats the price we pay for soon to be 130,000,000 of free money.  
  11. Brigada petition

    I don;t know why the Brigade was even allowed to move their seats to where they are.  The club should have blocked it and told them to stay at the back of L1 or L7 wherever they were.  Club only has themselves to blame for not being proactive and keeping Brigada "out of the way"  
  12. Charlie Sheen has HIV

    Still sad that this is what people worry about.  What famous insanely rich playboy has HIV.  Sad lives they must lead