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  1. 2015/2016 Prediction League Banter Thread

    As I said I realized what you meant afterwards and saw my error and have added into the table that goes up next.
  2. 2015/2016 Prediction League Banter Thread

    I am sorry I don;'t know what you are talking about? 32 and 33 are on one chart together. then 34 and then 35 (though I typo and it says 34 again) I just counted backwards and all of them are there and calculated in? So unless I am missing something all the rounds are there. Edit* After thinking a bit more I realized you meant your own score was missing. The way I read it I thought you meant the entire week was missing. I will add in your 5 points for the next round.
  3. Watford 3 Aston Villa 2

    Enjoyed watching that match. Right up till we bottled it. But I wasn't even that bothered. Seasons done. Lost in the most Villa of fashions.
  4. Villa is a toxic place says Black

    Hes been an absolute c**t since he took over. It's like Randy was like right Eric I need you to be as big of a c**t and bellend as possible so people hate you and not me for a bit. I will pay you well.
  5. Apr30/May1/2

  6. Leicester City. 2015/16 Premier League Champions

    So long as they don't lose all 3 matches they should be fine. Winning at Old Trafford would be a thing of beauty considering how much they spent.
  7. The Official 'we Hate Small Heath' Thread

    Laughable all the shenanigans they did over the weekend. With a coffin, signs etc.
  8. What has happened to Aston Villa?

    Another from across the pond. Good to see. Good to see also that you've taken an interest in Villa even if its for how awful we have been. Most of our problems stem from our owner Randy Lerner and hes recent lack of commitment to the club. January was a prime example. While those around us spent money, like Newcastle spending about $50 million USD we spent 0. We still could have mounted a fight and we were within reach if we just tried. But we had thrown in the towel as a club already. Last Summer we sold our 2 best players and replaced them with a bunch of players no one had heard of. We sold our goal scorer in benteke and didn't replace him with a proper goal scorer. Though Gestede has his uses he was never going to hit the heights of Benteke. In the last 5 seasons we have a net spend of about 35million. Newcastle have spent around 85. When those around you spend more than twice you do thats a recipe for disaster.
  9. Traore latest to hit out ?

    I do agree on Veretout. He seemed to start so brightly for us and as the season dragged on he seemed to slide as well. I think with the right manager he could still do a job for us. Time will tell.
  10. Aston Villa 2 Southampton 4

    Didnt watch any of the match. First time all season. Seems I didn't miss much as per usual.
  11. I'm a good player , get me out of here !

    This is true and after something as serious as Amavi's he won't even been half the player he was for a little while. He might do the same with big tackles and such given what happened.
  12. The Next Manager

    Be nice if we can get it done before the end of the season. So the manager can get a few matches with our squad. Ideally he would play the younger players and those who might potentially stay on with us and f*ck off the rest.
  13. Traore latest to hit out ?

    Absolutely. Keeping him and Amavi would be great business for us. Same with Veretout and Ayew (though he needs to cool his head)