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  1. While I agree 100% with you Stu that is not what the next generation wants sadly.
  2. Ultimately the trend is towards social media right? People want information faster and faster while most forums generally can't keep up (even if they think they do).
  3. Many of the NA based Villa contingent have made the trek to B6 for the match tomorrow. Jealous of them.
  4. Good to see somethings havent changed then matey
  5. All is good mate. And you? And agreed he can be so much more of a player. Just needs to refocus.
  6. The whole situation seems a bit odd. How it was reported as him just being lazy and not turning up to suddenly having surgery seems unusual.
  7. With Patrick on this one. Lower the ban to 1 match is basically saying... wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll we fucked up but we can;t actually admit so just 1 match ban. Stupid. Would have rather it just stayed at 3.
  8. An absolutely amazing weekend. 3 points would have been the icing on the cake but the match day and night out in Brighton were class.
  9. Only ever heard negative comments about her. No loss it seems
  10. As I no longer have mod powers I can't post in the locked thread for standings. So here is the updated table. Can one of the mods or admins unlock the standings thread for future ease of use.
  11. Hey everyone. I will get the update done tonight finally, first night I have had a chance and just before I set off for England. I will be in England until Monday so next weekends update will be slightly delayed as well.
  12. Looking forward to it mate. Well be in Brighton before you lot get there. Text Mike when you get there to see where we are. Sure we won't be far from your hotel.
  13. Another good pub that some of us I will be travelling with will be at is the Price Albert its just out the main station to the left down a steep hill and on your right. Only about 50 yards from the station. We will be in there about half 4. Prior to that who knows. Many options in the area. Though if I remember right 1 or 2 out right banned football fans (home or away) so don't be surprised if you get denied entrance to some near the station.
  14. I mean all the results i've seen have come away from Villa Park..... Stoke away, Semi final..... I mean thats it in 5 seasons but yeah.... Omens are good