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  1. I like the communication personally. I am sure once things get going this season it will slow down though.
  2. I'm with you mate. I don't think chucking a bucket of cash at it right away is the right course of action. We need some more investment sure but id rather see sensible buying then blowing the bank in a bid to get back up..... Look at QPR.
  3. A random on twitter or Anne someone I know personally and have travelled to many matches with? I know whose opinion I trust.
  4. Several people reported a handful of Villa fans acting like knob heads.
  5. Think we'll get to the 4500 sell out mark?
  6. True. I just find it odd that a player with some talent is loaned out when he could have done a job for us surely?
  7. Regardless of the crap we have had to deal with I don't see harm in giving most the players a clean slate to start. Though that being said we are giving a Lescott a clean slate but loaning out Gil...... seems odd to me that one. But hey ho we go on
  8. 7 Euro? f**cking hell.
  9. You wont even recognise me come November mate ;) 90lb now or about 6 1/2 stone.
  10. The right outcome IMO. I wasn't a fan of it from the start.
  11. Seems someone needs to up the difficulty lol
  12. See Lennon is still the same as ever. Sent to stands after 30 mins
  13. I know that guy
  14. Reading only charged 20 quid all season to away fans evidently
  15. Haven't you heard? Premier League got a new name mate