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  1. Season Ticket Renewals

    You'll be putting alot of miles on this season then!
  2. The Next Manager

    I don't get the constant connection to Bruce. Why would he leave the team he just promoted up to come back down a league?
  3. Championship TV slots for next season

    Will be interesting to see how many times we end up on the tele. Derby and Leeds were both 15 times this past season I believe Iread.
  4. Personal Messenger

    It is defo an error as I have about the same amount maybe a few more and am only using 54% of my space. Will contact Stu
  5. Good things to come out of Birmingham?

    As am I. WIll be a good weekend.
  6. Good things to come out of Birmingham?

    Brighton away. Mark it down.
  7. Good things to come out of Birmingham?

    Loyal, B6 and Mini B6. Well.... since I've known about the place anyway.
  8. Europa league final

    Sure seems like there was a ton of blown calls in this match. But what can you do right?
  9. Farewell message from Randy Lerner

    2 statements in about a month. Wow we got spoiled
  10. The Next Manager

    If I;ve read correctly an announcement should be coming out this week?
  11. Lerner's work overlooked?

    Spot on. But as others ssay he will only ever be remember as the owner who got us relegated.
  12. Rebranding Villa Park

    EAsy way to funnel money into the club. People who have issue with this need to give their head a shake. To us it will always be Villa Park. What it says on the side should be irrelevant really. Look at Citys deal to rename everything. 40million a year or something silly.
  13. 2015/2016 Prediction League Banter Thread

    2-1 good shout as well. Lots of 2-1 results this season
  14. 2015/2016 Prediction League Banter Thread

    I can't keep this act up for much longer. The price to buy your league position will be going up! I will collect next season!
  15. 2015/2016 Prediction League Banter Thread

    All 1-0 home wins would work well me thinks