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  1. Forrest let in alot but score alot. Should be an interesting match. We desperately need a win though and Id like to think after the extended break and with few (if any?) players leaving for international duty the lads will have time together.
  2. After what weve been through the last 5 years I cant let myself get carried away yet... lol
  3. And now weve made a few more signings since and seems might still be 1 or 2 more on the cards. The Dr has backed the manager. Now its up to RDM to come good. Fingers crossed.....
  4. Has there been anymore about this?
  5. Its not a surprise there is some p*ss taking. And frankly no matter who we signed there would have been p*ss taking. I believe the Dr had the Hull striker in mind originally but couldn't get it done. Ah well. Still a proven goal scorer at least last season. Think weve paid a bit much but if he fires us back up its worth it.
  6. One of my greatest memories of B6 is at the Fa Semi final. And the coach from pulls up to the car park. The side door opens 4 empty cans of beer fall out and Gazza is standing there with a fag in mouth and a beer already wankered and it was only about half 10 in the morning
  7. That sounds like Todd.
  8. Chicago in a few short weeks for annual Villa meet up for North American Lions. Looking to be about 100 in attendance.
  9. Must be a trait of VIlla fans...... Think Petrov shirt in Chicago
  10. Long flight across the pond before the match?
  11. Its a long ol slog in the championship. Long way to go. Not panicking yet.
  12. Still alot of work left to do.
  13. Can't really comment on the result as did not have access to watch, no stream. Heard the same ol though o nsocial. Decent first terrible second. We just seem unable to put 2 halves together.
  14. Dont know what to tell you. they all got moved there.