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  1. Friday Cardiff v Bristol Nottingham v Birmingham Saturday Barnsley v Fulham Blackburn v Ipswich Brighton V PNE Derby v Leeds newcastle v Brentford Norwich v Rotherham QPR v Reading Wigan v Burton Aston Villa v Wolves Sunday Huddersfield v Sheffield Wednesday
  2. Saturday Oct 1 Fulham v QPR Birmingham v Blackburn Brentford v Wigan Bristol v Nottingham Burton v Cardiff Ipswich v Huddersfield Leeds v Barnsley PNE v Aston Villa Reading v Derby Rotherham v Newcastle Sheffield v Brighton Wolves v Norwich
  3. Tuesday 27 Barnsley v Aston VIlla Birmingham City v PNE Blackburn v Sheffield Wednesday Brentford v Reading Bristol City v Leeds Burton v QPR Cardiff v Derby Huddersfield v Rotherham Ipswich v Brighton Nottingham v Fulham Wigan v Wolves Wednesday 28 Newcastle v Norwich
  4. if I havent fucked up again Larry you should have correct points now. You scored 30 but I gave you 25 this week to reflect the 5 pt difference. Will be posting new batch of fixtures tomorrow.
  5. I suspect that he is.
  6. Prior to Wolves result I would have been saying I expect Newcastle to rip us to bits. But maybe not. I still don't hold out much hope for 3 points. Il lbe in Chicago for the 4th Annual North American Lions meet up. Looking to be near 100 in attendance. Looking forward to it.
  7. Agree there. But also agree with Roger. If he had left via a sale or end of contract few would have been bothered at the time. His illness certainly played a part in his legacy at the club. That being said I agree he wasn ever as bad as many (myself included) made him out to be.
  8. An entire new squad at VP more or less, new staff, new everything. I am not expecting miracles. To pull the trigger this quick after what weve been building would be silly IMO. I fully expected us to stay down here for another season and we need some stability. I am not ready to hit the panic switch just yet. I also expect us to get done by Newcastle, but then again I also expected Wolves to have the same fate. Time will tell.
  9. Thats odd, I remember changing it when you first mentioned it. I must have goofed somewhere else. To make it change I will withhold 5 points on this weekends scores (its all formulas so just easier to take 5 from your score)
  10. THis weekends score will be up later today. But just a heads up I am out of town to Chicago next weekend. I will not be arriving back home until Monday evening and will not have time to do a full table update for next weekends fixtures until Tuesday. Just a heads up :)
  11. God are we in desperate need of 3 points. Just to breath a little bit. Considering I can't see us getting 3 against Newcastle currently.......
  12. Just our f**cking luck. Bloody typical.