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  1. Scores are up, more fixtures to be posted tomorrow. Just dont have the energy.
  2. Table updates and new fixtures will be posted tonight folks. I have been very busy and hardly sat at my laptop in over a week.
  3. Sounds rather boring thus far.
  4. Strange, doesn't show up for me on the site I use haha. THanks Larry. Back at home finally after a busy week away for work. Update to be done later today for the weekend.
  5. Think he is the best we could have hoped for in our situation and frankly the right man for the job of taking us up. Though if there is one thing he does as well as promote championship teams its relegate prem teams.... Don't think he is the answer long term. But now he is. Fully support him
  6. Dont be a w**ker..... You best be staying the night. Tickets sorted today as well. Can't wait.
  7. Friday EDITED IN QPR v Brentford Saturday Barnsley v Bristol City Brighton v Norwich Cardiff v Wigan Derby v Sheffield Wednesday Fulham v Huddersfield Ipswich v Rotherham Leeds v Burton PNE v Newcastle Reading v Nottingham Blackburn v Wolves Sunday Birmingham City v Aston Villa
  8. Friday Burton v Birmingham Saturday Aston Villa v Fulham Brentford v Barnsley Bristol City v Blackburn Huddersfield v Derby Newcastle v Ipswich Norwich v PNE Rotherham v Reading Sheffield v QPR Wigan v Brighton Wolves v Leeds Nottingham v Cardiff
  9. Tuesday Barnsley V Newcastle Birmingham v Rotherham Blackburn v Nottingham Brighton v Wolves Derby v Brentford Fulham v Norwich Ipswich v Burton Leeds v Wigan QPR v Bristol City Reading v Aston VIlla Wednesday Cardiff v Sheffield Wednesday PNE v Huddersfield
  10. Watch us thump wolves 3-0 with RDM being gone. Be just out luck wouldn't it.
  11. I am beginning to think we could get Pep Guardiola and still struggle to win....
  12. Please note this coming weekend I am out of town for a bachelor party till Sunday. New fixtures will be put up before I go (most likely tomorrow night) Oh just realised its an international weekend! Nothing to worry about scoring!